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  1. My first love affair: technology

    Wednesday, February 15, 2012

    Happy Wednesday, or as I like to call it, discount chocolate day :D I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day, not matter what you are doing.

    Today I want to share with you my first love. Before vintage and before journalism, I fell in love with Internet and technology.

    I love being connected. Through the Internet - whether it's blogging, Twitter or internet forums - I have met some incredible people and had some great opportunities come my way thanks to technology.

    But for some, to hear that a vintage gal loves technology might be a little bit of an oxymoron, but in fact it's the only way I even knew vintage was a "thing". Without it I would have never found my wonderful blogging friends or would even know how to perfect (not that I'm close to being there yet) my look.

    Technology evolution has always been important, from the industrial revolution to wartime, but we get so caught up in technology now because it's rapidly changing before our eyes. It's funny in journalism how people panic about online journalism and how it will ever make money - I'm sure people wondered the same thing when radio and TV journalism first came on the scene.

    I love living a vintage life, but you will never tear me away from my technology. They're like extra limbs! Here is a breakdown of my personal, day-to-day technology.

    I mostly tweet on my phone
    I have a HTC Legend smartphone that I bought the day before I turned 20 in 2010. This thing has been through thick and thin and has always been able to do some pretty great stuff. My only complaint is that sometimes it overheats (40 degrees Celsius!) which drains the battery life.
    I use my cellphone for tweeting, reading the news while brushing my teeth, and of course texting and making phone calls. Also works great in a pinch for a recorder and a camera when I need it to - a must for my mobile-breaking-journalism days.

    Plug for my brother's blog
    I bought my tablet this summer after my old MacBook bit the dust. It has a keyboard dock too, but I've been using mostly the tablet part. I use the tablet for any sort of light computing I need to: reading blogs or ebooks, checking Facebook or looking something up. Before I got my new MacBook I also used it for typing things for work in a hurry, but no spell check really slowed me down. When I'm at home, I use my tablet the most out of these three, and find it really convent to be able to read or watch something without having a heavy laptop or squinting at tiny type on my phone.

    Vera, you may be the baby of my tech family but I love you.
    I use my MacBook for all the stuff I can't do on my phone or tablet: typing out long messages or emails, blogging, photo and video editing and other heavy stuff. If I want to read something I'll probably just use my tablet, but it's great to have a 15" MacBook Pro for all the heavy duty stuff. G's laptop pretty much had a panic attack whenever I tried to blog and have Photoshop open at the same time, so it's awesome to have a machine that can keep up with me.

    On that note, however, we don't have cable (we watch Netflix and online TV) and we don't have a big TV. We don't use our microwave that often (but we do have one) and we still probably read more paper books than e-books in our house.

    What technology do you find crucial to your life? Are you as plugged in as me?

    XO Laurie

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    1. JacquiG said...

      I wish I could be as connected as you but we seem to live a very under serviced area for internet. A small village of 400 people I guess isn't worth companies putting money into bringing much in the way internet options. I'd love to have the options you have, and probably would if they worked in our house!

    2. ~ * ♥ * ~

      Um, yeah.... I would die without my tech.! I'm really a big nerd at heart. I love me some interwebz, my iPhone is my life {everything in one spot - yes please!}, and I'm pretty much pugged into my laptop/desktop Monday to Friday {I have to make myself take a break on the weekend!}.... Oh wow, now I sound like I've got a problem. ... Eh, maybe I do! :P

      bonita of Depict This!
      ~ * ♥ * ~

    3. Rowena D said...

      I *think* my phone is supposed to be a smart phone but I only use it as a phone so calls and texting. I have a laptop at home but it's not mine, work's laptop so I have to give it back if I leave. I don't own a TV but I live in a house share so we have one downstairs which I watch dvds on and some telly (mostly Call The Midwife - it's amazing!). We have a microwave and I do use it sometimes but I was brought up in a house without one so I think if I moved I just wouldn't bother.
      I don't think I'm nearly as plugged in as everyone else. I'm an Aquarius so if you believe in that kind of thing then you would think I'd have every gadget going. But they just don't interest me.

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