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  1. I normally don't shop for myself around this time of year (unless it's winter tires or dental work, it seems) BUT since I got a huge haul from my sponsor Imagine Vintage, it doesn't really count, right? Right. (Besides, I'm about halfway through my Christmas shopping I think, which is rare for me at the end of November).

    Winter means it's quilt season once again.. I have TONNES of blankets but no where to store them - that is, until I saw this giant Samsonite suitcase in mint condition at Peggy's place. Yoink.

    I also stuffed it with some goodies. I was walking instead of driving that day but it was crazy windy, so thanks to my co-worker Nick who offered to drive me home.

    I picked up some wintery wool skirts and a 1950s hand-held mirror.

    AND Peggy spotted this mustard winter coat for me. I have a great long grey winter coat that I love, but when I saw it I had to try it on. And when it fit perfectly, well, there was no doubt that I had to have it!

    Yay, now my beloved blankies have a home!

    I also bought these Follow the Cedar boots in red from ModCloth (good thing I did when I did, because they're sold out!), which again doesn't count as shopping for myself since I need some sort of sensible footwear for winter. They fit perfectly with pantyhose and are tall and warm. They also go great with my new coat!

    I've also started collecting vintage beauty supplies. I first got my 1950s train case from Peggy a few months back, and along the way I've collected vintage thinning sheers and a Marcel waver/curler from a farm auction (Thanks Dan!) and some never-used Harrods makeup brushes in a cute green carrying case (Thanks mom!) and now the mirror. All I need is a big vanity and I'm all set. (Note: I don't actually use the curler, thinning shears or makeup brushes, I just have them on display).

    All right, I'm done showing off now. I'm so pleased with all my new things, I may just go and stare at them for a while. Cheers my lovelies!

    PS - I have challenged myself to do 90% of my Christmas shopping at local stores in Camrose, through craft fairs, Etsy or other small, independent sellers or making it myself. Of the $117 I've spent so far, I've only spent $20 in a big box store. Here's hoping I can keep it up!

  2. ...And the winner is:

    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Miss Bee!

    Congrats B! I've already sent you an email, so please give me a shout and I can send you the CD.
    You may notice that I did the draw out of 3 instead of 5, but that was because I only had three valid comments (they other two did not leave contact info). I was really hoping for more entries, but c'est la vie!

    I have a few blog posts coming up once it's December all revolving around Christmas, which is my FAVOURITE time of year. They'll only be once a week so as not to totally make you sick of the season.
    I've already started listening to Christmas music (I tried to hold out, I swear) but G and I won't decorate the house until Dec. 1.

    I hope you are all keeping warm out there as it starts to get colder. We had a big snow dump here but then it warmed up - meaning that the streets the city didn't plow (basically every residential street) is now mush. Good thing I got my snow tires on when I did!

    xo Laurie

  3. Style Icon(s): Criminal Minds

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    Penelope Garcia and Dr. Spencer Reid are both great retro/vintage style icons. I love that there are two characters on this show that have a nerdy, retro, vintage feel in their clothing (and attitude towards technology in Reid's case). I love the show (I have a weird fascination with serial killers, totally normal -I read this awesome book on female serial killers) and Redi and Garcia are the onyle ones who have style. Everyone else just dresses so bland and professional (Yes, I know they are FBI agents, but puh-leeze, would a little colour kill you?).

    Hell, Reid even carries an old school revolver and refuses to use a tablet - he's just old school because he is like an old man trapped in a young dude's body. And Garcia surrounds her self with fun, colourful stuff because of all the bad sh*t they have to deal with day in and day out.

    And without further ado, the pictorial! There are probably more photos of Reid than Garcia because it was hard to find Garcia ones because everyone is gaga over Reid (myself included. ALSO - G totally looks like Reid/MGG. He denies, but it's totally there. And I loved G before I loved Criminal Minds, FYI).

    Photo credit: FanPop, one or two I had to Google to get specific images.

    Penelope Garcia (played by Kristen Vagness) 

    Garcia AND Reid. Look, you get a twofer right off the get-go.

    She's always got cute stuff in her hair.

    This is just to show off her house (note the old-school film projector and the awesome brick work).
    Also, long haired Reid!

    Dr. Spencer Reid (played by Matthew Gray Gubler)
    aka the part where I feel like an icky fan girl

    Is this not G? I mean, come on!

    In closing, I am off to buy more cardis and skinny ties for G.

    Have a lovely weekend dear readers and ENTER MY GIVEAWAY! Come on, it's a free CD! Puhleeeeeze!

  4. Wrap-up: a dance and a giveaway!

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    Last night I went to the Sugar Swing Remembrance Day dance, featuring the lovely Alex Pangman!
    I actually got an email last week from the artiste herself inviting me out, so I couldn't not go. G had to work, so I recruited my friend Nicole as my date as we got all dolled up 40s style.

    This is what I wore to work, but changed after I got to Nicole's - there was a small rip in the underarm seaming and I didn't want to make matters worse by dancing in it, but it was so cute and really comfy! I wish I could have worn it *sigh*

    Nicole bought the Beverly dress from Heartbreaker - I love love love this dress. I am so jealous. It looks amazing on her, no?

    So we went to Sugar Swing. They hold dances every Saturday where you can pay $2 extra and get an hour long lesson. G and I went on my birthday and they taught the Lindy Hop, which I could not get for the life of me. This time they taught the Charleston, which I caught on to a little quicker. I didn't really dance the rest of the nice (no one asked me, sadface) but I did mull around and take photos (can't take the girl out of the newspaper biz).

    And I met another local (well, Edmonton-local) vintage blogger! I spotted Miss Bailey in her snood (from Arthelia's Attic) and couldn't help but chat with her and snap a photo of her for my blog. It's always really nice to talk with someone who wears vintage/vintage inspired on a more regular basis than just events.

    And when the band went on break I went over and introduced myself to Alex to thank her for inviting me. We ended up chatting back stage about hair woes and dresses for a few minutes - she was so sweet!

    I loooooooove her dress.
    Alex was so sweet in fact that she signed a copy of her newest album to give away on the blog!

    Alex Pangman '33' giveaway, open to readers world-wide!
    To enter:
    1. Comment on this blog post, simple as that.
    2. Mention this blog post on Facebook, tell me in a comment and link to the post/screenshot.
    3. Mention this blog post (and me @laurie_callsen) on Twitter, tell me in a comment and link to the post/screenshot.

    You can enter once, twice or thrice! Just make sure if you do more than one you comment for each entry so I can count you. Please include some way to get a hold of you quickly.

    This contest is open to anyone, family and G excluded because I just don't think that would be fair.

    Contest will close Monday, November 21 at 11:59 pm, and I will make the draw and announce the winner the next day. Good luck to all!