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    Wednesday, November 23, 2011

    Miss Bee!

    Congrats B! I've already sent you an email, so please give me a shout and I can send you the CD.
    You may notice that I did the draw out of 3 instead of 5, but that was because I only had three valid comments (they other two did not leave contact info). I was really hoping for more entries, but c'est la vie!

    I have a few blog posts coming up once it's December all revolving around Christmas, which is my FAVOURITE time of year. They'll only be once a week so as not to totally make you sick of the season.
    I've already started listening to Christmas music (I tried to hold out, I swear) but G and I won't decorate the house until Dec. 1.

    I hope you are all keeping warm out there as it starts to get colder. We had a big snow dump here but then it warmed up - meaning that the streets the city didn't plow (basically every residential street) is now mush. Good thing I got my snow tires on when I did!

    xo Laurie

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