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  1. Wrap-up: a dance and a giveaway!

    Friday, November 11, 2011

    Last night I went to the Sugar Swing Remembrance Day dance, featuring the lovely Alex Pangman!
    I actually got an email last week from the artiste herself inviting me out, so I couldn't not go. G had to work, so I recruited my friend Nicole as my date as we got all dolled up 40s style.

    This is what I wore to work, but changed after I got to Nicole's - there was a small rip in the underarm seaming and I didn't want to make matters worse by dancing in it, but it was so cute and really comfy! I wish I could have worn it *sigh*

    Nicole bought the Beverly dress from Heartbreaker - I love love love this dress. I am so jealous. It looks amazing on her, no?

    So we went to Sugar Swing. They hold dances every Saturday where you can pay $2 extra and get an hour long lesson. G and I went on my birthday and they taught the Lindy Hop, which I could not get for the life of me. This time they taught the Charleston, which I caught on to a little quicker. I didn't really dance the rest of the nice (no one asked me, sadface) but I did mull around and take photos (can't take the girl out of the newspaper biz).

    And I met another local (well, Edmonton-local) vintage blogger! I spotted Miss Bailey in her snood (from Arthelia's Attic) and couldn't help but chat with her and snap a photo of her for my blog. It's always really nice to talk with someone who wears vintage/vintage inspired on a more regular basis than just events.

    And when the band went on break I went over and introduced myself to Alex to thank her for inviting me. We ended up chatting back stage about hair woes and dresses for a few minutes - she was so sweet!

    I loooooooove her dress.
    Alex was so sweet in fact that she signed a copy of her newest album to give away on the blog!

    Alex Pangman '33' giveaway, open to readers world-wide!
    To enter:
    1. Comment on this blog post, simple as that.
    2. Mention this blog post on Facebook, tell me in a comment and link to the post/screenshot.
    3. Mention this blog post (and me @laurie_callsen) on Twitter, tell me in a comment and link to the post/screenshot.

    You can enter once, twice or thrice! Just make sure if you do more than one you comment for each entry so I can count you. Please include some way to get a hold of you quickly.

    This contest is open to anyone, family and G excluded because I just don't think that would be fair.

    Contest will close Monday, November 21 at 11:59 pm, and I will make the draw and announce the winner the next day. Good luck to all!

  2. 5 comments:

    1. Bailey said...

      It was such a treat to meet you! I am so happy to find someone who shares the same interests as me! Hopefully we can meet up again real soon!

    2. What a fun night. Isn't it fun to meet others with similar interest (and rare to find the interest is vintage). Count me in on the give away.

    3. Anonymous said...

      Nice story. I saw you taking pictures and I was going to ask you to dance, but then you disappeared. :( Oh well...

    4. Kerry said...

      Swing dance is so much fun! I've done it a few times in New Zealand but that was kind of pre-vintage interest, so I should really go back to see if I can spot some like-minded people.

      Do you think you'll go again? It's a great way to keep fit too :-)

    5. David said...

      I'm glad that you made it out to a dance! If you come back again, don't feel shy about asking other people to dance. My general policy is to never turn down a dance, and I suspect that you'll find that most of the other regulars are the same way too.

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