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  1. I normally don't shop for myself around this time of year (unless it's winter tires or dental work, it seems) BUT since I got a huge haul from my sponsor Imagine Vintage, it doesn't really count, right? Right. (Besides, I'm about halfway through my Christmas shopping I think, which is rare for me at the end of November).

    Winter means it's quilt season once again.. I have TONNES of blankets but no where to store them - that is, until I saw this giant Samsonite suitcase in mint condition at Peggy's place. Yoink.

    I also stuffed it with some goodies. I was walking instead of driving that day but it was crazy windy, so thanks to my co-worker Nick who offered to drive me home.

    I picked up some wintery wool skirts and a 1950s hand-held mirror.

    AND Peggy spotted this mustard winter coat for me. I have a great long grey winter coat that I love, but when I saw it I had to try it on. And when it fit perfectly, well, there was no doubt that I had to have it!

    Yay, now my beloved blankies have a home!

    I also bought these Follow the Cedar boots in red from ModCloth (good thing I did when I did, because they're sold out!), which again doesn't count as shopping for myself since I need some sort of sensible footwear for winter. They fit perfectly with pantyhose and are tall and warm. They also go great with my new coat!

    I've also started collecting vintage beauty supplies. I first got my 1950s train case from Peggy a few months back, and along the way I've collected vintage thinning sheers and a Marcel waver/curler from a farm auction (Thanks Dan!) and some never-used Harrods makeup brushes in a cute green carrying case (Thanks mom!) and now the mirror. All I need is a big vanity and I'm all set. (Note: I don't actually use the curler, thinning shears or makeup brushes, I just have them on display).

    All right, I'm done showing off now. I'm so pleased with all my new things, I may just go and stare at them for a while. Cheers my lovelies!

    PS - I have challenged myself to do 90% of my Christmas shopping at local stores in Camrose, through craft fairs, Etsy or other small, independent sellers or making it myself. Of the $117 I've spent so far, I've only spent $20 in a big box store. Here's hoping I can keep it up!

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