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  1. Retro styles from Sears

    Monday, April 30, 2012

    I never thought I would be waxing poetic about Sears, but I can not believe their fabulous vintage-inspired styles - at very reasonable prices - on their website. I will be dropping by my local store tomorrow to browse, me thinks.

    *note: this is not a sponsored post! I was just surprised to see so many things I liked at Sears.*

    Foundation Garments
    I have learnt, from the ever wise RuebyRetro, Krista Dee and Miss Bee, that Sears is a great place to find old-school underwear, bras and girdles.

    Warner's® Medium Control Brief, $10
    Vanity Fair® Value Medium Control 2-Pack Full Cut Leg Brief, $15

    Playtex® 18 Hour® Wire-free Soft-cup Full-support Comfort Strap® Bra, $18.98
    Vanity Fair®/MD 3/4-length Long-line Posture Bra - $30
    You may remember my previous swimsuit post. I can't believe I overlooked Sears when I was making it!
    I will be buying this Esther Williams look-a-like ASAP.

    St. Tropez 1-piece Swimsuit, $30
    Mind you, these are pretty adorable too...

    Jantzen® 1-pc. Bandeau Suit - $66
    Well, these ones are a little pricy for me, but still super cute!

    Jantzen® 1-pc. Bandeau Skirted Suit - $111.99
    Jantzen® 1-pc. Skirted Suit - $93.99
    This is really the only pair of Sears shoes that I liked. I am mad for loafers lately!

    I Love Comfort®/MD Women's Leather Casual Loafers - $40
    Dresses & Skirts
    Tradition®/MD Solid Colour Shirtdress- $30

    ATTITUDE®/MD JAY MANUEL Ponte Pencil Skirt - $34.94

    XO Laurie

  2. Capital City Burlesque does Elvis!

    Sunday, April 29, 2012

    Before I get into CCB, I must say: I can not believe that it's been a year (and two days) since I first embarked on my vintage blogging adventure. In the last year I've made some great friends (online and in Edmonton), built up a solid foundation for a vintage wardrobe, moved, got a new job and learned how to knit! It's been quite the year. In celebration of the past year, I ate some red velvet cheesecake. Yum.

    Now, onto the main attraction! Last night Nicole and I headed down to the Starlite Room to see Miss Bee Haven make her Capital City Burlesque debut!

    I wore my new-to-me girdle - It was surprisingly comfortable! 
    CCB was AMAZING. I had never been to a burlesque show, but wow. I was blown away, not only by the fantastic dancing but the beautiful girls - in all shapes and sizes. Add in the fact that it was all Elvis music and you have an almost perfect show. I can't wait until the next one.

    Warning, if you have a strict workplace and are looking at this blog post there, keep in mind that the following photos have boobs (covered by pasties, of course).

    Bee doing the Rockahula.

    Instead of posting all 20 photos, I'll just put in a slideshow. Enjoy!

  3. Show & Tell: Major shopping roundup

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Phewf, what a whirl-wind last few weeks. Between settling in to our new place, work (there's a provincial election on Monday) and re-discovering Edmonton I've been lax on the blogging front. The best way to keep up with me is via Twitter (@Laurie_Callsen is now all retro, as I created a separate work account) Instagram (I'm @retroreporter. I'm so glad they decided to FINALLY create an Android version) or my Pinterest account.

    We haven't decorated the house yet so I can't show you true house-tour photos, but here's a table we got for $10. I love it. Spotted in the background is our creative solution for the fireplace.

    In other news, I went shopping. I really go to H&M too often, but Edmonton is seriously lacking in affordable vintage wear and I can't really afford to shop high-end repro all the time.

    I bought this last week and wear it ALL THE TIME. I love it. Sadly I was between a Medium and a Large, so this one is slightly too big, but it's better than being too small. It might shrink up a bit in the wash.

    It's almost summer (+18 today!) and I can't wait to bust this out on weekends. Now I need a pair of high-waisted shorts.

    It was Miss Bee who found this beauty and got me to try it on. I can't believe that it's actually from H&M, considering its length. It makes me feel so beautiful.

    I bought these two skirts yesterday at H&M after hunting EVERYWHERE for some dark, high-waisted A-line skirts. I couldn't believe they were so hard to find, and I'm relieved to have tracked these two down.

    I leave you today with my new favourite cover song, Candy Shop by the Baseballs. Thanks to Cee for pointing me in the director of the Baseballs - I love them!
    (Keep in mind that this song is graphic and sexual, so it's best not to click play if those sort of things offend you)

  4. Style Icons: Twin Peaks

    Saturday, April 7, 2012

    Yes, we're on the Twin Peaks bandwagon here at RR headquarters. We have about 7 episodes until we're done the series (no!) and I just love the style going on. In fact, at the antique show in Olds when Bee and I met up with Cee & Krista, some vendor told us we looked like we were from Twin Peaks. I'll take that as a compliment.

    All of the photos in this post are from In Twin Peaks - absolutely THE BEST screen cap website I have ever been on. I've tried not to include any photos that may have spoilers, in case you too are experiencing Twin Peaks for the first time.

    I must say, Audrey Horn is my favourite character. And Cooper! And they're both so stylish.

    My favourite A&C scene. Love the flannel and her whole outfit.
    I want her wardrobe.

    Garters on men are not AS sexy as on women, but still. Humminah humminah 

    Great coat!
    Love her waves, very subtle.

    The outfit that goes with the above hair photo. Peplum! 

    Cute shoes!

    Civil War re-enactment

    I love the R&R diner uniforms too

    Love Nadine's shorts

    I bought a very similar-styled rust coloured dress this weekend. Stay tuned for photos...

    Great hat!

    Donna also has great hair. Love the blue sweater too.

  5. Just popping in!

    Friday, April 6, 2012

    I am sure you have all forgotten about me, but I'm still here.

    We moved to our new apartment last weekend and have spent the last few days cleaning, unpacking, organizing, cleaning and finding out all the quirks of our place (and there's quite a few!). It's not perfect but it's home and we love it. I will take some photos soon, but we are currently in the market for some statement furniture pieces, so I want to wait until then.

    In the meantime, you can read all the history behind the El Mirador here.