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  1. Show & Tell: Major shopping roundup

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    Phewf, what a whirl-wind last few weeks. Between settling in to our new place, work (there's a provincial election on Monday) and re-discovering Edmonton I've been lax on the blogging front. The best way to keep up with me is via Twitter (@Laurie_Callsen is now all retro, as I created a separate work account) Instagram (I'm @retroreporter. I'm so glad they decided to FINALLY create an Android version) or my Pinterest account.

    We haven't decorated the house yet so I can't show you true house-tour photos, but here's a table we got for $10. I love it. Spotted in the background is our creative solution for the fireplace.

    In other news, I went shopping. I really go to H&M too often, but Edmonton is seriously lacking in affordable vintage wear and I can't really afford to shop high-end repro all the time.

    I bought this last week and wear it ALL THE TIME. I love it. Sadly I was between a Medium and a Large, so this one is slightly too big, but it's better than being too small. It might shrink up a bit in the wash.

    It's almost summer (+18 today!) and I can't wait to bust this out on weekends. Now I need a pair of high-waisted shorts.

    It was Miss Bee who found this beauty and got me to try it on. I can't believe that it's actually from H&M, considering its length. It makes me feel so beautiful.

    I bought these two skirts yesterday at H&M after hunting EVERYWHERE for some dark, high-waisted A-line skirts. I couldn't believe they were so hard to find, and I'm relieved to have tracked these two down.

    I leave you today with my new favourite cover song, Candy Shop by the Baseballs. Thanks to Cee for pointing me in the director of the Baseballs - I love them!
    (Keep in mind that this song is graphic and sexual, so it's best not to click play if those sort of things offend you)

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    1. Rowena D said...

      And thank you for introducing them to me! I hadn't heard of them but now I have to go on you tube and watch ALL of their videos.

      Good finds in H&M! I went in one of their shops the other day but I felt so old and didn't take the time to actually look at any of the clothes. I think I really should have done.


    2. Fantastic haul of vintage appropriate pieces. I really like the cheerful vibrancy of your new sweater (a dress clip worn in the back can be a great way to lasso extra fabric if you're finding it's still a tad too big after it's been washed and dried - I use them quite often myself, as I encounter the same between sizes issues with both modern and vintage pieces alike), and the rest of these items are terrific, too (you're making me miss living in a city with an H&M!).

      Thank you very much for your wonderfully kind comment today on my vintage outfit post, dear gal, I really appreciate it it.

      Wishing you a marvelous Monday & week ahead,

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