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  1. Workin' 9-5

    Friday, May 31, 2013

    So I think I may have forgotten to mention an important little fact here on the blog (but it's been on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram) - I have a brand new spanking job.

    (in case you can't see the embedded video - which is basically Donald Duck at his new job with Dolly Parton singing over it - click here. If the video is there, just skip ahead to 5:15. My sister and I used to watch this duckumentary all the time, which is why this is probably only funny to me.)

    I went in for a job interview on May 16, was hired right after my interview (seriously - my now-boss pretty much had my now-co-worker distract me with a tour while he thought the interview over) and started at work May 21. I've officially been the social media coordinator with Koch Ford Lincoln for two working weeks, and I love it!

    It's so great being back at work (although I miss all the extra knitting, sewing and reading time). I get up every morning (at the crack of dawn) with a smile on my face and leave work feeling accomplished. I'm busy putting together a social media strategy for the company, so it's been a lot of research, reading and learning - all things I really love. The people here so far have been phenomenal, and I am so happy to be here.

  2. Hello dear readers!

    I am very excited to announce that I will be part of Edmonton's Next Gen DIYalogue Talks Fashion event on June 25 here in Edmonton. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door, and here you can find the Facebook event.

    The event is described as "speed dating for mentorship", and involves groups going to each table for 15 minutes and talking with each mentor. I've been assured that it's very casual and I don't need to prepare, but I'm not so sure what I'm going to talk about. Hopefully people are interested in my tales of being the victim of semi-voyeristic photos and how to control circle skirts on Edmonton's windy days ;)

    I'm billed along with some big names in Edmonton's fashion scene — including Janis of Dress Me Dearly, the ladies behind the custom footwear company Poppy Barley (think eShakti, but for shoes) and Caroline Gault, FASHION magazine editor for Alberta — so I hope I get a chance to pick their brains during the break.

    I hope any readers I have in the area can come, especially if I haven't met you yet! I'll be tossing in some goodies for a door prize, and hopefully can find some things for the clothing swap.

    Bye for now!

    XO Laurie

  3. Picnicking in the Park

    Wednesday, May 15, 2013

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the lovely comments on my last post! They certainly helped brighten my week. 

    Us Edmontonian AVR members Jill, Erin, Bailey and I had a lovely picnic in the park last Saturday at MacKay Avenue school, which was one of the first schools in Edmonton as well as the home to the first legislature, and now houses the Edmonton Public School archives. The archives weren't open on Saturday, but we made due with the bright sun, hot temperatures and the perfect grounds for croquet.

    Our little outing was to celebrate Bee's birthday, which was the following Monday. Jill outdid herself with flapper pie, gluten-free berry pie as well as her victrola and croquet set! 

    vintage, edwardian, sailor dress, nautical, edmonton vintage, edmonton, 1940s
    1980s does 1940s does Edwardian sailor dress from Cat's Eye Vintage in Calgary
    Shoes by BAIT
    Hat from Imagine Vintage in Camrose

    Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 

  4. What to Wear: More than just a dress

    Saturday, May 11, 2013

    This post has been so long in coming. I took the outfit photos for it last month after a job interview with plans of using it as an announcement post if I got the job. I didn't, but I don't want the photos to go to waste!

    Yes, I wear full-on vintage for job interviews. For some interviews I don't go as all out as others, but this was for a heritage-related job, so I figured I could get away with it. But wearing vintage for job interviews is a topic for another day (probably once I'm employed again).

    1940s peplum dress: C/O Adeline's Attic
    Seamed stockings: What Katie Did
    1960s Shoes: C/O Adeline's Attic
    This black peplum dress was an incredible, way too sweet gift from Jill of Adeline's Attic Vintage. Jill hosted a trunk show at her house, and when I tried on this 1940s suit dress it was love at first sight, but I knew that I shouldn't be spending money on unessential items while unemployed. So instead Jill just gave it to me, in part for helping her with her look-book photoshoot and part because she's just an amazing person. I actually started to cry in her kitchen (I'm a big sap).

    But this dress is so much more than something to wear. It's a symbol that I have great friends who believe in me. Being unemployed, even when it's no fault of your own, can be really wearing on your nerves and confidence. Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up, whether it's a great dress, red lips or friends to rant with - or in my case, all of the above.

    The shoes I'm wearing are my house shoes, and also a gift from Jill. I believe they came to her by way of a costumer who worked on Chicago and she bought them somewhere in the US, but believe it or not they were made in Edmonton - what serendipity!

    Other than that, the job hunt is going reasonably well, for someone in my field. I've had two unsuccessful interviews and another on the horizon that I'm feeling very positive about. Feel free to send any extra good vibes you have lying around the house to me!

    XO Laurie

  5. Why I'll miss Bomb Girls

    Friday, May 3, 2013

    In case you haven't heard, Bomb Girls hasn't been renewed for a third season, but instead the series will wrap-up with a two-hour made-for-TV movie.

    As you can imagine, I'm pretty gutted. Yes, it's just a TV show, but in a way it's so much more important to me. I'm not surprised it's getting cancelled - Global had to change its schedule to make way for the 11 billionth season of Survivor, and having to stay up until 11 p.m. on Mondays to watch a show is pretty tough even for a die-hard like me (note: Ian just made fun of me for this. Whatever, dude. I'm an old lady). I'm not saying that it's perfect, but I am really going to miss it. I was somewhat disappointed with the finale, so I really hope the movie does it justice. I suppose I should be happy that it's ending on a high note, like Twin Peaks, and won't get dragged out to death like The Simpsons.

    But, in case the big-wigs at Global are reading my humble blog, here's why I hope Bomb Girls lives on to see another day. Or that they make a spin-off called "Shirtless Marco" where Marco just arm-wrestles random guests. I'd watch.

    Addenum: I got a note from Claire at Save Bomb Girls, and I wanted to share it with you all. "We're raising money to send up to 1,000 Victory Bandanas to Global TV and in 24 hours we raised $2,000 towards this. Once we have enough for 1,000, all of the extra proceeds will be donated to the Ajax Bomb Girls memorial fund."

    I should note that this post may contain some spoilers. I've done my best not to give anything away for my American and European readers, but my apologies if something slips through my spoiler filters! 

    All photos are from the Bomb Girls Facebook page.

    It tells an important part of Canadian history

    Bomb Girls is different - it tells about the fight going on at home while war rages on in Europe. It helps to remind us that women sacrificed a lot for the war effort, and that the war had repercussions that reached far beyond Europe and Asia.
    Not only does Bomb Girls shed light on how Canadian woman jumped into the workforce, it also sheds light on the less-than-ideal viewpoints of the past, like discrimination due to ethnicity, gender, sexual identity and even social class.
    Us Canadians like to pretend that we treated everyone with the respect they deserve, but it's not true. Bomb Girls might show the "good side" of the war effort, but it also shows the bad side, and choses not to gloss over the negative side of the 1940s or glamourize the war.

    There are some flawed characters

    If I had a dollar every time I called Gladys or Carol a cow (or something a little saltier) I'd be rich! Every character on this show has a flaw: Gladys tries a little to hard for people to like her, Vera tries to make up for her injury in 'other ways', Kate is turning into quite the liar, Lorna is prejudice, Betty is too independent and can't get over Kate, Marco get caught in with the "wrong crowd" etc etc. If they were  all perfect I'd probably would have shut off the show a long time ago. Drama makes for great television.

    The style

    Ok, I admit that the main reason I watch Bomb Girls is because of the costuming and the hair. How can I resist? I think I shout "Great dress" or "I need those shoes" about 15 times every episode. It's given me great inspiration for styling, shopping and sewing. I wonder what they're going to do with the costumes after the series ends....

    Did I miss anything? What do you love about Bomb Girls?

  6. In case you didn't know, I am now available to hire for styling photo shoots, vintage-themed parties, shopping consultant and the like. I was more than delighted when Jill of Adeline's Attic asked me to help assist her with styling some look book photos for her Etsy shop at Edmonton's historic Rutherford House.

    I helped style and dress models, did some hair and make-up, some assisting in shooting the photos and even chauffeuring.

    All photos are copyright Jill MacLachlin.

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest