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  1. I have been sliiiightly bad since my spender bender promise, but I have lots of excuses! (I'm really good at coming up with excuses :/).
    Here are my 'frivolous' purchases so far this October:

    Imagine Vintage Wear: $46 for a skirt and 4 vintage patterns. Seamed stockings were a gift.

    Air Canada: $73 for a flight from Edmonton to San Francisco. The rest of the trip was paid with Aeroplan points.

    Air Canada: $54 for return flight from San Fran to Edmonton. Again, rest was paid using Aeroplan points.

    But truthfully I've been very good so far! Everything else I've spent money on was either essentials (like replacing my glasses, groceries, getting supplies for my sewing class or replacing some things G got in the break-up) or Christmas presents (I've shopped for Bee and my mom, already woohoo!). I didn't buy a single thing in San Fran except for lunch one day. Ian and I didn't get to do much touristy stuff, but we did enjoy Santa Rosa and even a beach date before coming back to home to Edmonton (and snow.)

    Amount spent on pre-Christmas spender bender so far: $173

    XO Laurie

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  2. Thanks all to your comments on Facebook, Twitter and on the blog regarding yesterday's post on how to do my hair after an early morning flight. I think I have a good idea now of what I'm going to attempt!

    I had a stroke of genius (humble, me) as I was making my way to work. I've decided that I will sleep in pin curls, but I'm going to take out the clips before I leave and let them be. Most of the time if I take them out carefully after sleeping on them they maintain their curled up shape. Then, I'll brush them out once I get to my destination.

    However, I do have a plan B! Last night I couldn't be bothered to set my hair, so I thought this morning would be a good opportunity to try an up do. My hair is just long enough to do a little roll in the back, like so:

    You know what they say about going to San Francisco.
    I just did the front of my hair into victory rolls, but I feel like it's missing a certain je nais se quais. Perhaps several smaller rolls? It was suggested on Instagram that I add in more flowers, but I think it might be overkill.

    What do you think? After this whole debacle I'll be sure to post what I ended up doing with my locks.

    XO Laurie

  3. Hair help: Setting curls while flying

    Thursday, October 4, 2012

    Hi gang, I'm in need of some guidance and advice this morning.
    This weekend I'm flying to San Francisco to head to Santa Rosa, California with my boyfriend Ian* to his friend's wedding. Besides the fact that this is awesome and very exciting, I do need some help.

    What on earth am I going to do with my hair? Or, rather, how am I going to do it?

    I have to leave my Edmonton apartment at 4 a.m. Saturday to catch the airport shuttle for my 7:30 a.m. flight, which means I arrive in San Fran at 9:44 a.m. (my wonderful mother gave me some aeroplan points, and I was able to fly direct in business class. Faaaancy!). Ian is already en route to California, and will pick me up before heading to Santa Rosa for the 4:30 p.m. ceremony.

    My dilemma is this: When/how will I curl my hair? I don't want to set it overnight Friday and style it at 3 a.m. Saturday as it's sure to fall flat by the time it's the ceremony 13 hours later. I am nervous about setting it in the morning before I leave because I don't want to cause a kerfuffle at the airport. Not too many women (especially 22 year olds) wear their hair up in pin curl clips on the plane. Also, I don't really want my head to get wanded. It's a tad embarressing.

    So, pin curls are out of the question unless I have enough time after getting through security and homeland security (sigh) to pin curl while I'm waiting for my flight. My other option is sponge rollers - but again, I don't want to get asked to take them out in line at security.

    Has anyone else flown (domestic or otherwise) with a set in? What did you do and how did security personnel react? I'm awaiting your tips and advice!

    XO Laurie

    *Remember that spiel about how I was going to be all awesome and single for a while? It lasted a month (which y'all didn't know about) and a day. The day after I posted my bachelorette post was when Ian and I went on our first date. Oops.

  4. September Instagram round-up

    Monday, October 1, 2012

    Thank goodness for Instagram so I can keep track of my own life. If you're interested in following me, look me up as RetroReporter!

    My co-worker Heather rappelled down a building!
    And I took photos!
    I got a hair cut and started pin curling.
    I met a new guy. One of his (many) shining attributes
    is this lovely lady, Daisy.

    Said guy also buys me beautiful flowers when I'm sad.
    I went home.

    Helped throw a tea party with these lovely ladies!
    I painted my nails for once
    Sometimes I get to go to the zoo for work.
    It's awesome.
    I got in more family time at the Red Deer Run for the Cure!

    And there you have it, my September! How was yours?

    XO Laurie