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  1. Thanks all to your comments on Facebook, Twitter and on the blog regarding yesterday's post on how to do my hair after an early morning flight. I think I have a good idea now of what I'm going to attempt!

    I had a stroke of genius (humble, me) as I was making my way to work. I've decided that I will sleep in pin curls, but I'm going to take out the clips before I leave and let them be. Most of the time if I take them out carefully after sleeping on them they maintain their curled up shape. Then, I'll brush them out once I get to my destination.

    However, I do have a plan B! Last night I couldn't be bothered to set my hair, so I thought this morning would be a good opportunity to try an up do. My hair is just long enough to do a little roll in the back, like so:

    You know what they say about going to San Francisco.
    I just did the front of my hair into victory rolls, but I feel like it's missing a certain je nais se quais. Perhaps several smaller rolls? It was suggested on Instagram that I add in more flowers, but I think it might be overkill.

    What do you think? After this whole debacle I'll be sure to post what I ended up doing with my locks.

    XO Laurie

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    1. I think it looks terrific - so happy you found a hair plan that's going to work for you (I kept thinking about the topic after my comment yesterday, but didn't come up with anything better than what I'd suggested already).

      ♥ Jessica

    2. Isis said...

      The back looks elegant! And I think several smaller rolls would look nice.

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