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  1. I have been sliiiightly bad since my spender bender promise, but I have lots of excuses! (I'm really good at coming up with excuses :/).
    Here are my 'frivolous' purchases so far this October:

    Imagine Vintage Wear: $46 for a skirt and 4 vintage patterns. Seamed stockings were a gift.

    Air Canada: $73 for a flight from Edmonton to San Francisco. The rest of the trip was paid with Aeroplan points.

    Air Canada: $54 for return flight from San Fran to Edmonton. Again, rest was paid using Aeroplan points.

    But truthfully I've been very good so far! Everything else I've spent money on was either essentials (like replacing my glasses, groceries, getting supplies for my sewing class or replacing some things G got in the break-up) or Christmas presents (I've shopped for Bee and my mom, already woohoo!). I didn't buy a single thing in San Fran except for lunch one day. Ian and I didn't get to do much touristy stuff, but we did enjoy Santa Rosa and even a beach date before coming back to home to Edmonton (and snow.)

    Amount spent on pre-Christmas spender bender so far: $173

    XO Laurie

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    1. I think you're doing terrific! In this day and age, that's a highly commendable lack of spending. Inspiring job, Laurie, way to go!

      ♥ Jessica

    2. Kate said...

      Laurie, I'm also trying not to spend until Christmas, and I think travel costs don't count so you should just forget them!! Otherwise, you'll always be feeling poor :)


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