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    Thursday, November 8, 2012

    Hello all! I apologize for the big 'ole absence from blogging, but I also want to warn you that it will continue. I have several reasons behind this:

    Bye bye El Mirador :(
    • Moving: Yes, I'm moving. After a glorious two months of living on my own, I'm shacking up with Ian. Aside from the fact that I'm crazy about him, it's also better for the both of us financially. I've really been struggling these last two months with paying the bills and whatnot (let alone groceries) so I'm looking forward to settling in, paying off my debt and getting back on track. In the meantime, I'm halfway moved, but there's still a lot of stuff at my old apartment. I'm trying to spend as much time as I can moving things, but I've needed to take a break lately because of my next point.
    A typical day in the life of Laurie: Nosebleeds galore
    • Stress & possible health issues: Yup, having a negative number in your bank account can really get you down, and I've felt really low and depressed these last few weeks and have barely wanted to get out of bed, let alone blog. I'm tired all the time (I slept for almost 12 hours last night and am still exhausted) and just feel worse than dirt. In addition to my less-than-stellar mental health, I've also been having worse back aches (I used to wake up with my lower back killing me on weekends after sleeping in, but now it hurts every morning) as well as nose bleeds. I'm hoping it's just stress related and will go away once everything's under control.
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    • Me Made Christmas:  In a spin-off of my pre-Christmas no spender bender, I'm also trying to make the majority of my Christmas presents. So far I have one down and four to go, but it's hard to knit when you live with the recipient and you're not living with your sewing machine! I've been trying to do as much knitting and sewing in my spare time as I can, thus no time for blogging!
    I'm sorry if this blog post was a major downer and for seeming whiny - I just wanted to let you know where I had disappeared off to!

    xo Laurie

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    1. Happiest congrats on moving in together! I hope everything goes awesomely for you guys. I'm very sorry though that you've been battling those unpleasant health issues. I find that I get nosebleeds in the winter, because the dry air parches out my nasal cavities to the point where they bleed sometimes. Do you find that your nosebleeds are seasonal? If so, perhaps the weather and humidity could be to blame or at least a partial factor.

      Sending tons of healing wishes your way, my dear,
      ♥ Jessica

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