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  1. Stylish shenanigans in Olds

    Sunday, March 25, 2012

    As I mentioned in my last post, Bee and I headed to Olds for an All-Alberta Vintage Blogger Meet-up in Olds to hit up their antique show with Krista Dee and Cee, both from Calgary.

    To sum it up, it was a hoot! My sides still ache from all the laughing we did.

    The Olds show was way smaller but (in my opinion) much better than the Edmonton one. More variety (but no clothes) and better prices. I picked up this mint (my favourite colour) radio from the 1950s. It still works and only gets AM, plus it will go great in our new kitchen (somewhere) so we can rock out to CKUA.

    RCA Nipper XI radio, $35

    Moving sidenote: we pick up our keys on Tuesday! We plan to go in, take a second look, take some photos and also take measurements so we can do a bit of a floor plan before moving day next Saturday!

    I (well, Cee pointed them out to me) also found these two knitting booklets from $5. The Monarch (orange) is copyrighted 1946, but the Beehive (B&W) has no date, but judging by the hair I'd date it from around the same time.

    Knitting booklets are not only great resources for knitting, but for hair inspiration too!

    I love, love, love this sweater. 
    We met a very sweet older fellow named Fred - nicknamed by us as Sing It Again Fred  - from Sylvan Lake who told us all about the steam trains he has sitting on his acreage. Do I smell another road trip in the future?

    The antique show was held at the Olds Legion, which had a display case of mannequins dressed up in military uniforms. Very awesome.

    I love their cute but sensible shoes.

    Then, as we were about to leave to meet my sister for lunch, we noticed there was a tank outside. So, of course we clamoured on it - but not me or Cee, we were too busy capturing the moment. I don't have any group photos of us sadly, but I know the other girls do!

    I'm pretty sure these two were separated at birth. Their similarities were bordering on scary.
    I think our foursome overwhelmed the show a little bit. At one point, Krista had about 5 women crowded around her as she showed off her seam tattoos and more than one vendor wanted to take our photo. Then, when we were leaving the restaurant the Progressive-Conservative candidate for Olds asked if he could be in a photo with us. I declined, since as a journalist I want to remain completely neutral when it comes to politics. I guess he wanted the whole package or none at all because he didn't take a photo with the rest of the girls either.

    At lunch Mac gave me a Titanic book! I've always been fascinated with Titanic ever since I was a little girl; I can't believe she remembered. She's so sweet and smart too - we celebrated her earning yet another scholarship for school over lunch.

    I bought this 1960s house dress from Cee that I had been eyeing on her Etsy page (and there were lots others I wanted to take home but I was trying to be sensible) and then she gave me a few more clothes.

    I have some very sweet friends. She also gave me a tea set for a housewarming present, but it's still in the car as I am just going to drop it off at the El Mirador on Tuesday.

    Phew - I think that's all! Now I'm off to pack up some more trinkets and maybe some clothes. I can't believe next Saturday is moving day. Expect some radio silence from me for a little while, but when we're all settled I'll give you a tour.

    XO Laurie

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    1. What a great day. Looks like a whole heap of fun.

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