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    Like I said in my previous post, a few weekends ago (gosh, I'm behind) Miss Bee and I took a road trip to Calgary to see Krista Dee, go shopping, watch Magic Mike and generally be fabulous. We also happened to go during Stampede time, so it meant almost no one was in the vintage stores that we frequented. Me likey.

    After the HOUR it took for Bailey and I to get off on freeway ramp onto another (seriously Edmonton, why?) we were finally on our way to Calgary. After a very chill evening we were off bright an early to an estate sale. Krista already documented her haul here, but she still left some bounty for the rest of us.

    Like these vintage knitting patterns:

    And these cute utensils:

    And la pièce de résistance, this red arborite table.

    All for a total of $25. Yup.

    Carrying on, we went to Cat's Eye Vintage. My total: $50. I am in looooove with that sailor dress!

    Adorable sailor dress
    "Christmas" green skirt

    Pink Cashmere sweater

    THEN (yes, there's still more) we went to A Vintage Affair. And I spent lots more money. Total: $130

    Adorable patio set. Almost left without knowing there was a skirt!

    Ann Taylor silk shirt dress
    my "dustbowl" dress
    Picnic skirt!

    I just need a matching one. Krista has one. Almost stole it. 

    Phew, that's all folks! Now I'm a little bit poorer and my closet seems to be shrinking. 

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    1. Wow, you picked up some great stuff! That table is amazing.


    2. You've got me swooning up a storm over here, dear gal! Wowzers, those are some fantastic finds, which I ♥ all the more because they came from my beloved Calgary. So glad you had a blast and were able to score such a stellar bevy of vintage treasures.

      ♥ Jessica

    3. Great haul Laurie, sounds like a ton of fun. Makes me think I need a new lamp and a dust bowl dress.

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