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  1. July and August round-up

    Saturday, August 25, 2012

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    My goodness, I have not been a very consistent blogger this summer. It's not because I've been off galavanting on vacation (I wish) but I've just been incredibly busy. I've had a pretty big life change (sorry for the teaser, but it deserves a full post later) and so the blog got put on the wayside.

    So here's a round up of just what I've been up to. And don't forget to follow me on Twitter (RetroLaurie) or Instagram  (RetroReporter) if you'd like more frequent updates.

    The most significant thing that happened in July was the passing of my Grandpa Marchant. He's my first grandparent to ever pass away, and although it wasn't a shock, it still leaves a void. I miss him very much, and I do want to write a post about him - I just have to figure out what I want to say.

    So of course we went down to Saskatchewan for a few days to say goodbye and celebrate my grandpa's life. While we were there, I picked up some Marchant family goodies to add to my collection.

    I looked through my mom's vintage button collection
     and found some goodies.

    This was my grandpa's monkey ashtray.
    Rest the cigarette on the tongue and smoke
    comes out the nose!

    My favourite find in the button box!
    My grandparents got this toaster for a wedding present.
    Still works great! 

    The rest of July and beginning of August has been pretty quiet. I did a lot of working this summer:

    A LOT of knitting - and I still have loads to do before I even think about Christmas:

    I did some cooking:

    And I did some reading (and joined a book club!)

    Of course, I did enjoy quite a bit of sunshine as well (I have sunburns that can attest to that.

    Garret celebrated his 24th birthday and I turned 22:

    To celebrate my birthday, Miss Bee and I went to Fort Edmonton Park. (If you remember, I did that last year for my birthday too!)

    Miss Bee on the train!
    We took in some Dixie ragtime
    Ft. Edmonton is one of my favourite places in this city.
    Treated myself to a Bette Davis Paper doll.

    And just last night G and I went to visit his mom, and she gave me her mom's Eaton Viking sewing machine! I haven't had time to research it, but judging by the manual I would say early 50s.
    I used my birthday money to register for sewing lessons in October. I am beyond excited, and can finally get into The Complete Book of Sewing Bee bought me eons ago.

    And that has been my summer! I will be posting another huge, picture-heavy post soon, so be prepared.

    XO Laurie

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    1. I'm deeply sorry about your grandfather, dear Laurie. My condolences and thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

      ♥ Jessica

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