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  1. Pre-Christmas No Spender Bender

    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    Regardless of how awesome it is to live solo - from playing the guitar whenever I want to going to bed at 8 p.m. like the old lady I am - it also means that I rely on me, myself and I to pay ALL the bills. Add in the fact that Christmas is fast approaching (3 months from today!) and I'm starting to feel the wallet crunch already.

    So I'm challenging myself to take part in a no-spender bender in the lead-up to the holiday season to scrimp and save for presents, decorations and booze. Especially booze. Besides, I get presents at Christmas so I don't really need to go breaking the bank for myself, do I?

    Rules (via Miss Bee Vintage)
    • no e-bay/etsy/web shopping.
    • You get 3 "free" passes for "emergency" purchases  (something on your wish list you have been waiting for, a deal too good to pass up, that sort of thing).
    • You can of course buy necessities and replace broken items, that sort of thing. Use the one in/one out rule. Basically no crappy purchases just because you feel like it.
    • Entertainment money does not count in this (movies, date nights, dancing). It's all about "merchandise."
    • Basically - no spending and splurging on myself before Christmas.
    I'm adding in a self-imposed kibosh on eating out, going out for too many beers and buying coffee instead of making it (again, I already do this but sometimes I'm tempted by a London Fog), although I've been pretty good at that this last month. I've even been eating lunch again!

    I'll try to update my progress every once in a while - at least once a month. 

    Anyone else dare to join in?

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    1. Earlier this year we moved across the country (with relatively little time to prepare or save) and then bought our first car (another unexpected, but thoroughly necessary expense), and as a result racked up some major debt (just days, literally, from finally paying off scads of debt from earlier on in our marriage) that we'll be paying off for a long, long time to come. While I believe these expenses were more than worth it, they have left us watching every penny with a razor eye, and so, without even really thinking about it until I saw you post, I've already pretty much been taking a similar approach and know I will be for a long time to come still.

      Wishing you the best of luck - I know you'll do great!

      ♥ Jessica

    2. I really need too do something similar. We're still recovering from relocating from Connecticut and getting a car and should really be trying to save a little.

      Courtney ~

    3. beccalee said...

      Totally joining in, too!

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