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  1. In Pictures: Kitschmas 2012

    Sunday, December 30, 2012

    Hello everyone and Merry Christmas! This post is a little behind others, but I've been spending the last week (which I had completely off, thanks to Metro!) lounging, knitting, reading, eating and drinking - just what Christmas should be, in my books.

    I was spoiled enough to have 3 Christmases this year - one at home in Saskatchewan with the Callsens, a small one Dec. 27 with Ian and another with his family on the 29.


    These aren't even half of the presents I got- I was spoiled rotten! One of the most exciting things isn't even pictured. Ian told me that he's going to buy a record player for us - thus the records in the last photo! I've always wanted a record player and I'm very excited to get one once we save up.

    How was your Christmas?  I hope you all got spoiled as well.

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    1. How awesome that you got to enjoy three Christmases! The more the merrier, if you ask me! Our Christmas (just one this year) was thoroughly fantastic, too - one of the best, I do believe, I've ever had, and without a doubt an incredible note to wrap up an equally terrific year on.

      Wishing you a stellar 2013, dear Laurie!
      ♥ Jessica

    2. I recently discovered your blog and I really enjoy your posts. I've found several very helpful tips and tricks! I wanted to ask what program you used to post the pictures above? I've wanted to do something similar so that when you click the photo it becomes larger but I haven't had any luck.

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