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  1. Review: eShakti spring 2013 line

    Friday, February 22, 2013

    I was delighted last week when I spied an email from eShakti inviting me to review one of their new dresses from their Spring 2013 line for all of you.

    I was asked to pick three dresses (as if I could pick just three) to send my measurements for; one would be selected at random, custom-made and sent to me.

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest
    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest
    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    I opened up the package yesterday to find the middle dress, Graphic mixed media dress ($80), waiting for me inside.

    First things first - this is definitely a spring dress. It's very lightweight and flowy, but despite the less-than-spring temperatures in Edmonton, I wore it to work and a Twitter meet up today anyway. I can't wait to wear it in the hot summer months, especially in August for Bailey's Vegas wedding. I tried to pick dresses that can be both work and weekend appropriate, and I think this fits the bill just fine. And it's comfortable to boot, thanks to the elastic waistband in the back.

    One of the first things I noticed about the dress is how tiny my waist looks! Definitely a vintage-look must (and I didn't need to give up any chocolates to achieve it).

    Another thing I love about eShakti is that all their dresses come with pockets! As someone who often has to lug a lot of stuff around for work but hates hauling a bag everywhere, this is very convenient. eShakti also allows you to remove the pockets free of charge.

    The dress had a lot of static today (which may be because of shipping) and was crawling up my leg, but hopefully that will be resolved with a wash or some StaticGuard. One thing I was worried about was wrinkling - it's still fine after sitting at my desk all day - and sheerness - my skivvies are still a mystery - but so far, so good.

    One thing that I also looked for were straight and finished seams (again, good) and pattern matching. Just look at how well these stripes line up!

    The dress is a little low cut (as I find all my eShakti dresses and tops are - but perhaps I'm a prude!), but could possibly be worn with a cami underneath. I found once I put my necklace on it was fine. I also appreciated the snap on the bodice to keep it in place so there's no awkward peek-a-boob (it would also be handy if you're nursing). The collar detail is also a cute faux-peter pan collar look.


    In terms of eShakti as a company, I've dealt with them a few times in the past and can say that their customer service is top-knotch. I love that they offer custom sizing and I recommend that over picking something that is a standard size. If you can customize, why not go for it? No only can you give your measurements, but you can also change the sleeves, neckline and length on some garments, but not all.  I've also had to return some things in the past and have never had a problem with giving something back.

    The one thing that annoys me with eShakti is that they use DHL as a shipping company, but that's just because I haven't gotten along with DHL in the past.

    Do you have any eShakti pieces? What do you think about them?

    Disclaimer: This dress was provided by eShakti specifically for this review, but my opinions and thoughts are my own.

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    1. This dress looks fantastic on you, dear Laurie. Really nice pick! It's great that you've had such good experiences with eShakti.

      I was recently contacted by eShakti with the same offer. I don't know which dress I'll be receiving of the three I picked, as it hasn't gotten here yet. Following my mixed bag experience with eshakti last winter (which I chatted about here:, I made sure to order a larger size (two sizes larger than I'd usually order) this time around in the hopes that the dress I receive will fit better. I really want to like and become an ongoing customer of eshakti's, so hopefully whatever dress they send me to review this time around will fit better this time and make that possible.

      ♥ Jessica

    2. Erin Gross said...

      Gorgeous! That colour really suits you Laurie. :)

    3. Hummina Hummina! That dress fits you like a dream, so lovely. :)

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