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  1. So I'm not a huge video person, but I think there's a lot of awesome to come out of Instagram's video capabilities. I wasn't an early Vine adopter (and only got it for work, and haven't used it yet) but I already see huge benefits for vintage bloggers to use Instagram's new video feature.

    1) Post quick hair, make-up tutorials, how-tos, 
    Sometimes it seems like such an investment to sit down and watch a full YouTube video, and it requires going to an external site. Blah. I'm lazy. If I'm already scrolling through your feed on Instagram when I'm bored, I'll probably watch your 15 second tutorial on victory rolls. PLUS, as a blogger, I'm more likely to post a quick 15 second video of how I do my hair rather than setting up the tripod and doing a full one. I've already noticed people using Instagram instead of DSLRs for their outfit posts - I suspect video tutorials will soon follow.

    The best thing is if you use something like, you can embed your video in your blog. See my poor example below.

    2) Bye-bye long-winded descriptions, hello talkies
    I'm sorry, but sometimes I don't want to read your 100-word description on Instagram on the story of how you bought your shoes or found the love of your life or your latest cooking concoction. Use your voice to tell the story instead, and use the description for #allthehashtags.

    3) Time-lapses
    Show a video of taking that super-cute fabric and turning it into a circle skirt (Instagram allows you to upload videos you already took), or, more practically, a time-lapse of muffins from flour and batter to delicious crumbs.

    4) Cross-platform sharing
    You already use Instagram, so you'll probably use the video features. Chances are you're also more active on Facebook than on Twitter.
    This is one way Instagram already has a leg up on Vine. Although Vine is made by the folks at Twitter, the apps are still separate.  Instagram also has much better integration with Facebook (it embeds the video) than Vine does (you have to link to your tweet, and it opens up in a separate window).

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    1. Love these idea, Laurie, thank you! I'm super shy about appearing on video (in part because I'm really embarrassed about my crooked, crowded teeth - so hence why I always smile on camera with my mouth closed) and was leery of showing myself in a video for this reason when I heard about Instagram allowing videos, but you've honestly presented some really compelling reasons behind why we should all at least give it a spin (and besides, I don't have to record my face after all ;) ).

      ♥ Jessica

    2. Fabio Lalli said...

      Hi Laurie!
      I'm Fabio, coFounder of Followgram! Thanks for sharing and mention :)

    3. Retro Chick said...

      I'm not a huge video fan either, don't know why, I'm just not that patient I guess! I've only made one instagram video here, but there's some good tips here! Thanks :D

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