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  1. The golden hour with FO Photography

    Tuesday, July 9, 2013

    Monday night I was very excited to be invited by Funmi of FO Photography to be a participant in their 2013 | 365 project. FO Photography is run by Funmi and her husband Adrian, who are immigrants from the UK and both engineers by day and wedding photographers by night. I met Funmi at the latest SMBYEG and after a few emails back and forth we met up for a photo shoot in Oliver.

    (On a side note, if you're in Edmonton and free in the mornings of the last Friday of every month, go to SMBYEG. It's FREE and I made so many great connections that will hopefully turn into some blog collaborations. Stay tuned...)

    As I left work it was pouring rain and very dreary. By the time I got to showed up at Fumni & Adrian's, it was sunny and lovely out. Oh Edmonton weather!

    Without further ado, this is the photo that Funmi selected for day 189.

    FO Wedding Photography Laurie Callsen Edmonton Vintage

    The funny thing is that I had no idea when I got dressed that morning that I'd be a photo subject! Back in my reporting days I wouldn't be satisfied with my outfit unless I knew I could stand running into the premier in that outfit (it happened!), and I still carry that philosophy when I get dressed. You just never know who you'll meet or what you'll be doing. I just thought I was meeting Funmi for some coffee and a chat. I was having a bad hair day, so these are victory rolls that I hurriedly did in the car after running in between the raindrops across the street to my parking spot.

    FO Wedding Photography Laurie Callsen Edmonton Vintage
    Outfit details: Shoes - thrifted | 1940s skirt - gift | blouse: H&M | camisole: Ricki's | belt: me-made
    I'm so glad I we met up! Despite being a fashion blogger and having a professional photographer boyfriend, I'm still not really used to being behind the camera, but Funmi made me very comfortable. I even smiled with my teeth (something I rarely do in photos, much to the chagrin of my mom).

    FO Wedding Photography Laurie Callsen Edmonton Vintage

    Fumni & Adrian were great hosts! It was so nice to get to know them, and hopefully we can collaborate more in the future. 

    FO Wedding Photography Laurie Callsen Edmonton Vintage

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    1. O Laurie! Thanks for this lovely write up. We really enjoyed hanging out with you too & it was an absolute pleasure to take photographs of you. We'd love to collaborate more with you in very near future *hugs*.

    2. Lisa said...

      Beautiful photos! My brother had his photo taken randomly by a local photographer shooting a 365 day portrait project!


    3. Laurie you look lovely.

    4. Lisa said...

      I am nominating you for the Liebster Award. (If you have been nominated before I apologize.) If you would like to participate please check out my post with the rules and link back to me. If you have already participated previously and would like to bow out this time I would still love to read your answers as it can be a fun way to get to know other bloggers so send me your link to your answers. I Look forward to hearing from you!

    5. Tremendously lovely photographs, dear Laurie. The B&W headshot is especially stunning!

      ♥ Jessica

    6. tubby3pug said...

      you look absolutely lovely in the pictures. I follow tea with the vintage baroness and have noticed you in her pictures always looking very lovely

      kate-the old fashioned way

    7. coryjohnn said...

      You giving us an ultimate story and also lovely photographs .. i wondering you are specialist in photography.. you have done best photography.. i like your service as well as your writing style.. thanks a lot..

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