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  1. Wedding Wednesdays: Get Organized!

    Wednesday, August 7, 2013

    It's never too soon to start planning for a wedding. Well, OK, maybe starting planning before you're engaged is a bit too soon but once that's all said and done, you can get a jump on it.

    Since I know nothing about planning a wedding, I'm taking a lot of hints from this infographic I found on Pinterest.

    I've created two Pinterest boards: one where I'm pinning general vintage wedding related stuff, and one secret board where I'm pinning stuff directly related to my wedding. Even though I'm going to be blogging about our wedding in the next 15 months leading up to it, most of it I want to keep a surprise! How on earth did people plan weddings before Pinterest anyway? 

    We've already started our planning and organization by creating a shared folder on Google Drive and having all of our wedding stuff in there. If there's something I don't want Ian to see, I can unshare that individual document. This way we have all our stuff in one place and we won't lose it, and we both have access to it, even though most of our planning happens with me taking the notes.

    We also have a physical wedding binder for all the important hard-copy documents, keepsakes etc. The key in all of these thing is that they're accessible to others, and easy to keep up. I share my Pinterest board with my Matron of Honour, and the Google Drive and binder with Ian.

    We also share a Google Calendar to note wedding-related appointments - and, of course, everything is colour coded the same!

    To give you an idea of where we're at: in the 3 weeks we've been engaged, we already have a date (next November), we have appointments booked for venue viewing and commissioner meetings and already have a decent budget laid out. I've also asked my part of the bridal party to be involved.

    What are some things you used to keep organized when planning your wedding?

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    1. Charmaine said...

      Wow! You're so on the ball! Impressed. I bet your wedding will be a vintage dream. I was just at a wedding over the weekend, and while it was a blast, it was VERY disorganized. They could have taken a hint from you!

    2. That's awesome - way to be be on the top of things, dear Laurie. Tony and I had an incredibly small civil ceremony held in my mom and step-dad's living room on the tiniest shoestring budget you ever did see (in a 2004 context, I mean), so there was minimal planning involved. That said though, I start saving and doing what I could in advance during the (little over) three months we were engaged for prior to our wedding (we had a total whirlwind romance - about seven months between when we met and wed). One can never be too prepared no matter the specifics of their special day!

      ♥ Jessica

    3. LandGirl1980 said...

      I checked this infographic with a bit of panic. But, its all ok - I am on schedule! HURRAH!

      Need to get a wedding binder though. Yes, I need me one of those!

    4. I got engaged in January and my fiance and I are planning a vintage style wedding as well! :) We are planning for next October but I fear I'm terribly behind in planning things! :P The biggest thing holding us back is setting our exact date. My fiance's brother will be the best man but because he is in the military finding a date that will work with his deployment schedule has been a bit difficult. We have it narrowed down to a few dates. I think we are going to have to pick one and hope it works for him!
      Going to check out your wedding Pinterst board now. I have one as well if you are interested :)

      Emily's Vintage Visions

    5. Unknown said...

      I LOVE how organized you are! A girl after my own heart! Keep doing what you are doing-be organized and have lots of fun with your future hubby. Its the same when you have children-being organized helps loads but its important to also have fun and let things go when things are going your way. For example, my flowers were almost late and we were married at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan so that is a pretty important Church. We couldn't be late bc they have a tight schedule there. My reaction was like, whatever...why...I just wanted to be married to him. Two seconds later the flowers came in. LOL xox

    6. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places out there, the views are astounding and the event was timed perfectly with the sunset.

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