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  1. Routine: setting a schedule for fun

    Friday, September 20, 2013

    I have feeling incredibly uninspired and blah lately, not just in my "vintage" life but in pretty much all aspects. I've felt drained and overwhelmed with the amount of stuff bearing down on me, which just made me exhausted. I wasn't reading, sewing, knitting, cleaning - all of the things that I really enjoy - because I felt like I didn't have time to do it all.

    But my problem is that I wanted (nay, needed) to do it all at once, and all by myself. Silly Laurie. That is not how things should work.

    So I did what I do best, and created a schedule for everything. I created a chore chart based on Apartment Therapy's 20 minute a day recommendations, where Ian and I both have a column. He does chores on even days, I do some on odd days.  I divided up the tasks to make sure we had a equal number of surface and deep cleaning, and laundry, recycling, etc are thrown in on a "break" day.

    Does that make sense? Here's a photo.

    This cuts the cleaning down to a manageable dosage, and it's actually surprising how much you can get done in 20 minutes. I'm sure to some people this seems childish, but it works for us!

    I made our in Google Docs in our shared folder so it's accessible on all our devices,  but will also print it out to hang on the fridge.

    Aside from the chore chart, I've also "booked" nights off for my favourite activities. I can diverge from these days slightly (if I feel like swimming on Monday I won't beat myself up about it) but it gives me something to look forward to and a reason to do it!

    I have a rule that I can't start my hobby until I do my 20 minutes of chores, with the exception of swimming on Wednesday since I go to the pool straight from work.

    Monday: blogging 

    I can blog on non-Mondays, but Monday is the day where I make myself do blog stuff, whether it's posting, brainstorming, figuring out sponsorships, etc etc. I made Monday blog day since I'm most likely to do vintage-related stuff on the weekend. It's a nice way to ease into the week.

    Tuesday: knitting

    Tuesday has always been knitting night with the group of ladies I knit with, so this was a no-brainer. I haven't been in a long time (sigh!) so I can't wait to get back into the habit.

    Wednesday: swimming

    As a former MacEwan student, I get a great deal on alumni gym memberships. I wasn't going to MacEwan this past year because their pool was under renovations, but now that it's back up and running I hope to go more often. Plus, since school is session they always have lanes open for swimming AND it is notoriously empty. I go to work early on Wednesdays (7 a.m. instead of 8 a.m.) so I can also sneak out a little early, which is Wednesday is my swimming day.

    Thursday: sewing

    I probably shouldn't have a favourite day, but Thursday is my favourite day :D Right now I'm working on a skirt, but I will also make myself take time in-between projects (both to cleanse my mind and for budget restrictions) to do my mending. Oh, and there's a lot of mending!

    Friday: writing

    I remember reading The Outsiders in middle school and feeling bummed out that I wasn't going to be a published author by 16 like S.E. Hinton. Well, sorry past self, but you're not going to be a published writer before 23 either. BUT I do have lots of ideas for my novel, and I hope if I start dedicating my Friday nights to writing it will turn into something. This is on Friday because, in case I get into a flow, I don't want to sacrifice myself by staying up all night and not performing well at work, or ditch my writing in the midst of a brilliant streak so I can get shut-eye.

    Saturday and Sunday: do whatever the hell I want day(s)

    Yes, I even need a break from my hobbies.

    Do you set a schedule for fun as well as work? What system works best for you?


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    1. I think that's a great idea. I'm a bit overwhelmed with work and other commitments and have scheduled as a veg out day. Don a pair of pjs, watch tv I've missed while knitting and get round to do some blogging.

      Definitely need something like this to keep me going through the week!

    2. Betty2Tone said...

      I'd never get anything done if it wasn't for making myself doing things in 20 minute bursts

    3. stevenmercer said...

      You have made a very inspiring schedule for the whole week that would not only get some time to rest but also you can enjoy your life with full enthusiasm. You have provided me the Most Outstanding Epic Gifs Ever through which i have also got the courage to make my schedules like wise.

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