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  1. Wardrobe goals for 2014

    Wednesday, January 8, 2014

    Lately I've been inspired by Tasha and Rochelle when they examined how they want to expand their wardrobes for 2014 and their sewing goals for 2014, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon and make some goals for myself!

    More blouses
    I have plenty of winter skirts and summer dresses, but one thing I do lack all year round are some good ole blouses. I am currently sewing a 1940s button-up collared peplum top (first time doing buttonholes, collars and peplums, all in a slippery, unforgiving fabric too. WHY, PAST LAURIE, WHY?!) and have a few more tops I'd like to tackle at my sewing table:

    I've made the skirt from this group and wear it ALL THE TIME, so I want to make the blouse that goes with too.

    Do you have any blouse pattern suggestions for me? I am having a hard time finding structured blouse patterns. All of the ones I seem to find are too....well, blousey. I like ones that will accentuate my waist.

    Buy more shoes
    Yes, this is actually a goal of mine. As much as I LOVE shoes, I don't have a lot of them and the ones I do have I wear to death (I am terrified of the day that my beloved Mary Jane heels bite the dust). And when I do buy shoes, I tend to buy them cheaply (even though I know that they won't support my high arches) because I am so rough on them.
    The last time I bought new, not-on-sale shoes were my wedding shoes (and I can't wait to wear the hell out of them come November 9!)  and before that I think it was my winter boots (which were cheap because they are fashionable and unlined). There are definitely some holes in my shoe wardrobe, so on my shoe wish list for 2014:

    Warm winter boots: Sorel's Cate the Great
    I am totally going to wait until these are on sale at the end of season because even though they will last me for a decade I am still frugal. They aren't the most vintage-looking boot out there, but damn it, they're gorgeous! These would be great for snowshoeing, hiking and playing with the dog.

    This is actually knocked off the list today thanks to Brittany's Instagram sale! The ones I bought from her need a little love, but I am so excited to have some to call my very own for those days when I need to wear boots but want to wear heels.

    Sandals: Salt Water Sandals
    So this is the awkward moment where I admit that I only own one pair of sandals. For just $40, I will rectify that this spring with these beauties! I may actually splurge and get *two*.

    Icing shoes: Baylee by BAIT
    These are pretty much the most gorgeous shoes I've ever seen. In fact, I wish that I had seen them before I bought my BAIT wedding shoes (that said, I am hoping my bridesmaid with size 8 feet will snatch them up to wear :D). White shoes will only be practical for a very short time, but who cares. They're amazing and I am definitely keeping an eye on BAIT's website in hopes they go on sale.

    More accessories
    I love vintage statement accessories, but again my collection is woefully lacking. I especially love novelty brooches, and here's a few I'd love to bring into the fold.

    Another key accessory I need to invest in this year is a new pair of 1940s appropriate glasses. I don't really have anything that fits the Forties bill, and I really need to get my eyes checked. As soon as that happens, I can't wait to embrace my four-eyedness. I love wearing glasses and I think it's a great way to finish off a look, but now that my style is more 40s than 50s, I don't wear my cat eyes as often (not to mention the fact that the prescription needs updating).

    Well that's some of my wardrobe goals for this year. Do you have anything you want (or need) to add to your 2014 wardrobe?

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    1. Ooh the 1940s pattern and those tan sandals are gorgeous!

    2. I hear you loud and clear when it comes to shoes. My feet are a bit tricky to fit (thanks, super high arches!) and as a result, I own considerably fewer shoes than most modern ladies, but I really would like to up the count in my closet (especially of summer shoes). Fingers crossed we both have a lot of luck on the footwear front in 2014.

      ♥ Jessica

    3. Anonymous said...

      Oh, I love the Jasmine blouse! I've made three versions already and wear them all the time. I plan to make many more this year. To accentuate your waist, how about making the blouse version from Colette Patterns' Hawthorn?

      I had a pair of Saltwater Sandals and they were awesome!!! I bought these last summer and wore them everyday: They go with everything, too :)

    4. Lisa said...

      I'm looking to add a great pair of high waisted sailor shorts to my wardrobe this summer. I'd also like a few more beaded cardigans in some bright colours. Otherwise my wardrobe feels like it is in good shape (for a change..)! :)


    5. Anonymous said...

      high waisted wide legged pants for sure. Just got me some arris Allen shoes for dancing (?) comfort. They have a long toe box so fit my finger toes! I'd also like my closet to look tidy, but I don't suppose that's gonna happen. AP.

    6. I think the 1940 style glasses would suit you well!

      I've also been inspired by, Tasha, Rochelle, and now you to take a good hard look at my wardrobe. I've started what I'm calling the #365outfits challenge, where I wear a different outfit each day in order to examine my wardrobe and find out what clothes I never wear. I started on Jan 8, and you can follow my outfits on instagram @akramsideas.

      Oh and good luck on your shoe shopping, I must admit I'm an ultra picky shoe shopper.

    7. Unknown said...


      I stumbled upon your blog today - how wonderful. I love your style and especially LOVE those gorge pants in the second image above. They really caught my eye and must be added to my shopping/ sewing list.

      Hope you having a great day :)

      If you have a chance I would love for you to check out my blog from Vancouver Island - thanks in advance!

    8. Wore my new dress at a wedding and received a lot of compliments for it. Beautiful dress for a beautiful girl they say :-). It fits perfectly and looks good on me.

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