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  1. Wedding Recap! Part Two

    Tuesday, January 27, 2015

    I’m back with the second part of the wedding wrap-up blog, focusing on the fashion of the day!

    Ian and I both knew that we wanted a classic, 1940s style for the wedding clothes, without being too kitschy, expensive or risky.

    While I really wanted to wear one of my Grandmas’ wedding dresses, but neither of them fit right. I contemplated looking for vintage dresses, but I was too scared to order online. What if they didn’t fit? What if there is damage the seller didn’t note? What is it wasn’t “the one”? Etc. And I had really no interest in going wedding dress shopping and paying eleventy-million dollars for something I’d wear once and wouldn’t be 100% me.

    Look at me, trying so hard not to bawl!

    Instead I enlisted the very talented Todoruk Designs to create a wedding dress that brought my favourite elements of both my Grandmas’ dresses together. The princess seams, sweetheart neckline and the light blue were all inspired by my Grandma Marchant’s dress, while my second layer, a white jacquard silk, bore a very strong resemblance to my Grandma C’s dress.

    Underneath, I wore pieces from What Katie Did - specifically the CC09 bra, the CC09 tap pants, the Harlow garter and seamed stockings that I bought 4 years ago or so (but had never worn).

    I made my own veil - and am still in awe of how well it matches - with tulle and lace from Fabricland. It wasn’t perfect, but I really wanted something handmade and am pleased with how it turned out! I made it out of this Butterick veil pattern, using Look B but ditching the blusher and making it a bit shorter. Originally I was going to have the blusher as a separate piece, but I got really lazy and nixed it completely.

    I stitched it all by hand, because the last thing I wanted after mucking around with that tulle (cutting out tulle and tissue paper at the same time is something I am NEVER EVER repeating) was it getting eaten by my machine. All and all, I think it cost about $20 to make.

    My shoes were Baylee Winter White by BAIT. Now, there was a bit of drama with my shoes. I originally bought different BAIT shoes, which were blue, way back in August 2013, but I came to terms a few weeks before the wedding that while I liked the shoes in generally, they didn’t go with my dress as well as I’d hoped, and that I should buy the shoes I had been lusting over for a whole year.

    I bought the new shoes in my usual 8.5 size, three weeks before the wedding, but to my horror they didn’t fit! I think it was because BAIT used a different lining in this pair than they usually did. So I hastily sent them back and sent a panicked email to the company asking them to expedite the return because it was for my wedding. Generally they can’t send the replacements until they receive the first pair back, but luckily for me they made an exception and sent them to me once I sent the return package tracking information.

    When I got the size 8 shoes, they STILL didn’t really fit, but at this point I had to make do and so I bought a bunch of insoles and stuff that made them fit. In the end they looked beautiful, we very comfortable (I wore them all day and night with a very short breaking-in period) and I didn’t fall on my butt. Actually, I broke the cap off from dancing too hard - which I didn’t notice until I finally unpacked my wedding stuff when we got back from the honeymoon.

    Thanks to the generosity of my family members, I was able to wear the pearl necklace my Grandma Marchant had worn at her wedding, 70 years + one day before, and the earrings my Grandma Callsen wore to her wedding. I actually forgot to put them on, but luckily remembered once I got down to the lobby. Even now I get stressed looking at my getting ready photos and seeing that I’m not wearing them!

    The vintage mink stole and muff I’m wearing in the outdoor photos were borrowed from my maid of honour Bailey. I was very warm wearing these as we walked through the snow, and everyone thought it was hilarious to ask me to stick their hands in my muff to warm up their fingers (myself included).

    Ian and Tom wore the midnight blue suit from Black Lapel, and Ian's shoes were by Ecco. 

    Apparently he had some family members running around for him on the morning of the wedding trying to find him a matching belt. I also gave him a beautiful watch from Fossil that I am in love with and wish there was a women’s version.

    The bridesmaid and groomslady dresses were from 20th Century Foxy, and I thought they were stunning, and I’m told they were very comfortable.

    Nicola, Ian’s groomslady, wore a sash to match the men’s ties. NOTE - if you are planning on ever getting a sash from David’s Bridal, give yourself plenty of time to order it in store. This was a last minute item that wasn’t available in store and had to be bought online, and the shipping cost more than the sash. But it looked amazing, and it’s our fault for not being on the ball.

    So, there's all the fashion stuff! 

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    1. Unknown said...

      I have enjoyed both your wedding posts quite a lot.
      Might I be so free to say: the groom looks like he came right out of "Kingsmen" movie. :) ...and the bride is picturesque!

      Many hugs and a huga: CONGRATS!


    2. You were, bar none, as beautiful a bride as has ever been and your day was so full of timeless joy and heartwarming details. I swear, I tear up all over again seeing more of your wedding photos (the first time being when you posted them back on/around the big day itself).

      I'm so happy for you both and wish you a lifetime of wedded bliss,
      ♥ Jessica

    3. Unknown said...
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    4. Kate-Em said...

      Beautiful photographs. I enjoyed reading the stories behind all the parts of your outfits. I am glad that you remembered the pearls, you looked stunning.

    5. Sigh..more beautiful photos. The one of you in your mink stole is stunning, simply stunning. I too wore one on my wedding day that was my grandmother (had her initials on the inside of the jacket). I loved how simple and just beautiful your wedding was. Sometimes the littlest details make the biggest impact.

      Ohh love wedding posts :)

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