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  1. Shopping Ban - Month One

    Sunday, February 1, 2015

    I can’t believe it’s already been a month of my shopping ban, and so far I am feeling really good about my challenge!

    So far, these are the items I have purchased on my approved shopping list:
    • Sugar scrub: $10
    • Sleeping Cap, nail foils, among other allowed cosmetics: $29.57
    • Buttons & extra yarn for my cardigan: $18.85*
    • Yarn for Baby Brolund’s Blanket (I’m going to be an auntieeeee!): $20.15*
    • Home/Office stuff (mainly little containers to hold baking ingredients and a microwave cover for the office): $13*
    • Shoe Repair (I forgot to put this one on my approved shopping list, but I had 3 pairs of shoes, including my winter boots, I needed to get fixed): $59.85
    Approved shopping this month: $151.42

    A lot of my approved shopping I wanted to get out of the way early, mostly because I had run out of what I needed. That $10 sugar scrub is going to last me a whole year, so no love lost. I also picked up a few other allowed cosmetics at the beginning of the year, because they all seem to run out at the same time.

    One of the other things I want to share is what I’m putting on my credit card versus what I’m paying cash for, because I need to stop the habit of using my credit card for everyday things and not being able to pay it off, or only paying off what is “new” that month and not working on the rest of the lump.

    Credit card total:  -$5,899.56  (this is the highest it has ever been)

    So what did I put on it this month?

    Total spent: -$442.31

    Interest Fee: -$74.37

    Public Transport: - $26.71
    Groceries: -$15.85
    Public Transport: -$114.00
    Groceries: -$4.99

    Allowed Spending
    Date Night Dinner: -$21.42
    Parking: -$20.00
    Make-up/Skin care: -$39.57

    Reimbursement: $746.44

    Unusual Spending
    Pharmacy: -$13.05
    Shoe Repair: -$59.85 
    Dentist: -$746.45

    (This isn’t all I spent this month, just what I put on my credit card)

    I had a pretty big expense on my card: $746 for my part of my wisdom tooth surgery. Luckily I have an HSA at work, so it was reimbursed, as you can see. The $13.05 pharmacy cost was for the five different drugs I was on. I am so thankful that I waited until this year to do my surgery, otherwise I would have had to spend $1,500+ on my teeth. Yuck.

    My transportation fee is high this month because I bought multiple bus ticket booklets instead of a January bus pass *and* I bought February’s bus pass, for some odd reason. I think I was on T3s at the time because now looking back I am unsure why I felt the need to put February’s bus pass on my January expense list. Anyway, dumb move, but it means a bit of movement in my February budget, I guess.

    That printing fee of $52.49 was for our wedding thank you cards, and I’m splitting the cost with Ian. Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

    What this means, however, is that when I make my $300 payment at the beginning of February, I’m not really making any real progress on paying off my debt, which is really frustrating. But next month I know that at the very least I won’t be putting my $90 buss pass on my card (because I already have it), so that’s encouraging. My goal for all of this, of course, it to go every month without putting ANYTHING on my card.

    I should explain quickly how Ian and I do out bills since we don’t have joint accounts yet. He pays for most of our groceries, utilities, rent, etc and I reimburse him bi-weekly, when we get paid. It’s nice for me because I am only spending on groceries and utilities bi-monthly, and in cash. It probably seems like a weird system, but for us it works! I might do a full post on it later, but that’s the gist. So when I say groceries above, what I really mean is ice cream, soup and yogurt for me and my toothless mouth.

    So, that’s about a wrap for this month. I thought I did pretty good, but I spent more than I wanted to on getting approved shopping out of the way, which I suppose is the nature of the beast. Ian and I are eyeing a few moves that will help bring our expenses down, so stay tuned!

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    1. You're off to a fantastic start and I really admire you for sharing your some very private (in general) elements of your personal finances with us. I find it inspiring and helpful on many levels.

      ♥ Jessica

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