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    Saturday, September 17, 2011

    I've been absent from blogging (but not reading!) as of late for two reasons: one, I'm getting busier now that Camrose is back in full new mode and two, I don't have anything interesting to write about! I like to think that my two whole readers may prefer to read quality rather than quantity (but that assumes that I'm producing either). I do have lots of blog ideas, but it's getting the right time to do them.

    Anyway, yesterday at lunch time G brought me home a GIANT zucchini keep me company on  my day off (I thought I had a photo of it before I attacked it. Sorry). I love zucchini but we don't buy it very often, so it was time to experiment.

    Usually on Fridays G has to work late so we go for takeout, but today since I was home all day I wanted to make him something. I usually don't cook because G is a fantastic cook and I think he prefers to do it, but after a long work day he deserved a home-cooked meal, not McDonalds. He also hasn't been feeling that good, so I wanted something to perk him up.

    I made chocolate zucchini muffins, meatloaf, zucchini crisps (all from this wonderful blog) and garden salad with a home-made balsamic vinaigrette. Much healthier than a burger and G was very impressed.

    I only bothered to take photos of the muffin making process. I wanted to take photos of supper too, but we were too hungry by that time and it was half-devoured before I remembered. So here's the muffin process:

    Take one giant-ass zucchini (thanks Sharon!) and grate the hell out of it. Get zucchini everywhere.

    Wrap up zucchini (phallic photo!) and hope it fits in your teeny-tiny fridge (it did after cutting off some z for the crisps).

    Put on the Raconteurs. Stuff your antibiotics between iPod and dock so the sound is balanced.

    Completely disregard the recipe's order of process and toss dry ingredients in the bowl.

    Realize that you were supposed to do something in a certain way and realize you have canola oil instead of vegetable oil. Proceed anyway. Freak out ahead of adding in zuchinni because this looks waaaaay to dry. Mix.

    Add a slap of milk, 1/2 cup of zucchini (knuckle-skin free, I swear) and chocolate chips.

    Plop batter haphazardly in the tins. I am not a neat muffin maker.

    Bake and sigh with relief when they turn out delicious!

    (On a side note, I noticed something really creepy about our plates. They are decorated with blue roses, but when you look at them a certain way, it looks like a skull with a bouffant! I think it's cool.)

    'Til next time,
    Laurie xo

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    1. Ha we have been eating yellow zucchini (what I grew in the garden this year) at every meal and i even pickled some. Chocolate zucchini cake is also very good. Don't feel bad about not writing I too have been pretty absent as work as been keeping me on the run as well as family and well when I am that busy I have less to say that I think others want to hear.

    2. Shane said...

      We should have a zucchini bake-off! I had four massive plants this year in the garden which resulted in zucchini-everything plus more than enough pre-grated frozen zucchini for a winter's worth of baking!

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