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  1. It's definitely fall here in Camrose. The leaves are turning all sorts of gorgeous colours and it's finally starting to cool down a tad. If it could stay fall all year round I'd be a happy girl. In Saskatchewan when I was a kid it seemed like it would go straight from summer to winter (a blizzard on Halloween and the like) so I'm really grateful for the nice transition.

    Fall and Spring mean layers, cozy accessories and the like. I'm about to dig out my sweaters again and tuck my summery clothes away, but I stopped in at Twig Designs today to see what Lindsay had in store for fall accessories. I surprisingly refrained from buying clothes but I couldn't help but pick out a few cute things to freshen up my wardrobe.

    I've seen a few bird brooches pop up on FL so I snapped this one up quickly!
    I see anything teal and I'm sold right away.

    A huge pink polka dot scarf, perfect for fall.

    Lace adds a touch of daintiness to any outfit.
    LOVE these coasters, and I needed something to keep
    the beer rings off my mid-century furniture.
    I made a little scarf clothes-line so I always know what I have on hand. Typical me, it's crooked.
    I also stopped by to see my sponsor, Imagine Vintage, to see what Peggy has in stock as well and also picked up a bunch of accessories as well as a very cute '60s dress:

    And bangles! The blue one is a 1980s Lucite and I think the top ones is from the mid-fifties.

    That's all for now folks! xo

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