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  1. Today, it was knitting:

    (I was in the zone, no time for smiling).

    I'm much farther along now

    Thanks to Camrose twitter and knitter friend Tanya, I have finally joined the ranks of girls who have some sort of hand-made talent, although I am VERY far behind. So far I have about 1/36 of a scarf done with vintage yarn from Eatons, no less! But my hands got tired so I thought I would work on that ole carpal tunnel for a little bit and share what else I've been up to.

    Last weekend I went home to the farm in ole Saskatchewan for my Grandma and Grandpa Callsen's 60th wedding anniversary. They were wed Sept. 4, 1951 and are still together today!

    It was a blast, not only because I got to see some immediate family I hadn't visited with since July, but also because I got to see my "BC cousins" that I hadn't seen in a few years.

    Cousin Ryan, me, my brother Greg, sister Maryanne, cousin Darci and sister Deanna

    I also got to try on my Grandma's wedding dress but sadly, we were not a match (my boobs prevented all the little buttons in the back from doing up, waah). But from the front it seems all right!

    Doing up alllllll those buttons after.

    I also got to visit with my other set of grandparents and get some family stories down on tape. Grandma told me about her family's dairy - The Huff's Maple Leaf Dairy, which was located at 144 ave and 97 st in Edmonton and was the first dairy in the city. She and Gpa Marchant met at an army dance in Edmonton while Grandpa was in the air force (he said she was a fifth wheel, and she was under the impression it was a blind date) and the rest is history. Grandma and I also bonded over my vintage hairstyling book, which is a memory I'll cherish forever.

    In other news - how did I JUST discover the magic that is Mary Ford and Les Paul? I'm mad at all of you from keeping this from me. (G wants me to point out that he found it. 3 gold stars for him).

    Imelda May and Jeff Beck do a top notch cover in a tribute to Les Paul & Mary Ford too:

    Hope all my Canadian readers have a wonderful Thanksgiving (I'm not sure what we'll be doing yet) and that you all have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Laurie

    Addendum: I also learned today that not only was Cary Grant really into LSD, he forced his wife Dyan to take it even though she didn't want to (which probably accounts for all her bad trips).

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    1. Kerry said...

      I bet your grandma absolutely loves seeing you appreciate the things from her generation. That wedding photo is beautiful, and that wedding dress is exquisite! My nana's dress is a funny blue and red concoction because there was no wedding dress material in New Zealand during the war!

      As for Cary Grant, I had no idea! Really makes you rethink all that old Hollywood glamour doesn't it?

    2. My Grandma Marchant (mom's mom) got married at the end of the war (but my grandpa still had to go overseas, more on that later) and her mom made her dress and lingerie. Grandmas said that white elastic was too hard to find so her mom got back and tried to bleach it - but it turned green! So part of her wedding lingerie was green :D

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