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  1. Autumn is in full swing (probably the downward swing too, darn) here in Alberta and I spent the weekend preparing for it.

    After the whole mouse debacle on Friday I needed some retail therapy so I stepped on over to visit my sponsor, Imagine Vintage. Not only was Peggy sympathetic to my plight but she had some wonderful deals on, including beautiful fur collars (which I wanted to save because some teenager said she wanted to go as a PETA protester and buy the collar and drip blood on it - which doesn't even make sense), 1950s wedding and prom dresses and a bunch of other beauties that I would have loved to take home with me had my boobs fit in them (damn you voluptuousness!)

    But I did get to take these two dresses as well as a nude and black slip.

    1950s dress, perfect condition and an amazing fit.

    Date unknown, but doesn't it just scream Autumn?
    Made with pure virgin wool, perfect for chilly days.
    On Saturday and Sunday G and I spent the day with his mom where we got to hear all her mice horror stories (mine don't even compare!) and stopped by at H&M where I stocked up on sweaters and a cute Peter Pan collared blouse that I just couldn't pass up.

     I love H&M and all their retro/vintage inspired stuff, but shopping there is so tiring because you have to haul 8 versions of a garment in the change room with you.

    Some blouses are sized S-M-L, some are numbered sizes. A 10 in one dress was massive on me but another 10 dress was a smidgen too small. I bought some blouses before to fit my chest but now they're too big in the shoulders.... and the list goes on. Vanity sizing! UGH.

    Aaaand then today I had a haircut to thin the masses of hair I have on my head. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up with dry, tangle-free curls instead of the rats nest I've been accumulating lately. I find that since I no longer use heat and try to wash my hair every second day my hair has been growing like a weed! Look how long it's gotten since August when I first got my middy:

    October 2011

    August 2011

    How are you preparing for winter? Stocking up on sweaters like me or holding out with your summer clothes until the bitter end?

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    1. I love that adorable dress with the white collar! I hang on to my summer dresses year round. Layering helps. I do a dress, a cardigan and tights or stockings with a vintage coat, hat, gloves over the top. I hate being cold but I do look forward to winter because I can really have fun accessorizing!

    2. These dresses look fabulous. I love the idea of wearing vintage clothes and accessories. This relives the past. Anyway, the black dress looks very compelling. I would love to wear that dress.

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