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  1. Close encounters of the rodent kind

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    Friday I took a trip to the emergency room to get the doctor to take a gander at my left lung because it had a sharp shooting pain at times. She told me it wasn't anything serious so I should just go home, rest and take some Advil.


    I was sitting at home, minding my own business and watching Lisa Freemont Street's 300th video when A MOUSE ran from my closet to the couch I was sitting on. He was the size of an elephant with a chainsaw and a stick of dynamite. He was comin' to get me, I tells ya.

    Artist's rendition of the culprit

    Of course my instinct was to scream and jump on the couch before I even really registered what happened. Like this, but fully clothed and much more terrified:

     I grabbed my tablet, grabbed my phone and bolted to my office, even though it was my day off.

    I also called G crying, and he thought that I was dying or something because I had just told him I was in the ER (whoops). My wonderful co-workers Nick and Vince volunteered to come over and mouse-hunt for me (to no avail) and my awesome landlord Karl helped G lay some traps at lunch time. I stayed out of the house all day while G was at work because there was NO WAY I could stay home with a mouse (I also paid a visit to my sponsor Imagine Vintage but that's another post for another day).

    After we laid the traps we went out for beers so G - who is also terrified of mice - could have some liquid courage to dispose of the creature. My hero!

    A lot of people on my Facebook/Twitter were expressing their wishes for me to dispose of the mouse humanely, but I don't roll that way. Mice are dirty, disease carriers. If anyone wanted to come and do it themselves I would have let them get rid of the mouse anyway possible but if it's in my house, it's my rules.

    So we are mouse-free as of today, Sunday. We think it was a lone mouse that snuck through a door that was open for a split-second too long, but we've left the traps up to be safe.

    And that's the story of my weekend. It could have been much worse!

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