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  1. Oh man, I feel like I haven't blogged or even read blogs in forever. I jumped head first into my new job, and with a three-hour a day commute I have little time left to do "fun stuff". I don't mind at all - I love, love LOVE my new job - but I can't wait to move so I have more me time.

    Last weekend before all the craziness happened I had a lovely, full-on vintage day in Edmonton with  Bee and Joanna (who is about to embark on a journey to Turkey!) at an antique show.

    I only bought a few things, but I was very pleased and thrifty with my purchases. First up, a housewarming present to myself: A trio of canisters for only $12!

    There was also a matching set of yellow ones too. They're probably from the 70s (?), but I dig lilies and it was the first time I found canisters, so I didn't want to pass them up!

    Then we found a huge basket full of $2 earrings. We are not the kind of girls who just skim off the top, so we nicely asked the vendor if we could dump out the basket and dig through. these are the gems I found.

    THEN, the creme de la creme is when Bee spied this sweater clip on the $1. Jo had found a very similar $6 clip a few tables before and Bee already has two, so I went home the victor in that one (Thanks girls!).

    Later that night, Bee and I went to the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra's 50s night. What a blast!

    A lot of people thought we were in costume and we were getting comments the whole day. I think when people just see one vintage girl they just think it's a little odd, but our trio were getting stares and comments the whole day (sadly, no great deals).

    Now this weekend it will be a bit of a repeat. Tonight Bee and I are having a sleepover and tomorrow morning we're heading out bright and early to Olds for an All-Albertan Vintage Blogger Meet-up  (the AAVBM, if you will) with Krista Dee and Rueby Retro, who are from Calgary. There's an antique show in Olds that we'll be hitting up and I think I speak for all of us when I say Olds won't know what hit 'em! I feel like maybe I should have gotten my sister Mac (who goes to school in Olds, FYI) to put some warning posters up for us.

    Now, what on EARTH am I going to wear?

    xoxo Laurie

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    1. Rowena D said...

      Hey Lady! I love the fan print skirt. I really wish I'd bought one now because it looks fantastic!
      Little favour to ask since you're a reporter and all. The writer for a TV show called Land Girls (1940's period drama series) has agreed to do a little interview for me and might even be able to contact the costume designer too. But I'm really not very journalistic, what questions do you think I should ask him?
      I'd be really gratefull for any help at all.

    2. Black Dahlia said...

      Great finds Laurie. You and your friends look FABULOUS! I love your pretty summer frock.

    3. You ladies look stunning!!!

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