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  1. When I spotted the event for Spring Fling on Facebook, I knew I had to get in touch with the organizers to learn more about the pop-up boutique that will be happening one night only June 2. It all starts at 7 p.m. at the Duchess Bake Shop on 124 Street and 107 Avenue.

    Jessica Kennedy, one of the organizers of the event, fills us in on the rest of the details below:

    Sarah (Ares) and I are both vintage collecters. We have an eye for vintage, and have recongized that there aren't a lot of places for Edmontonians to purchase curated vintage pieces. Sarah sells on etsy, and I at the Old Strathcona Antique Mall. We started our first pop up venture in March and it was a great success. On the backs of the success of our first pop up, we decided to keep the momentum up.
    This will be a smaller verison, and we just wanted to keep it simple: dresses! Sarah and I both work full time, so we won't be doing a larger one again till the fall, but Spring Fling seemed so perfect for the start of summer.

    The owners of Duchess have this space available for a short little while more, and they have been very generous with it in terms of letting numerous different community events happen within it. 124 street is also a happening lil' community. The community members come out to support events in their area, as well, its accessible for all of Edmonton. I am also going to be selling my jewelry line (Chaos and the Dark) and my vintage wears at the new 124 Street farmers market every Thursday night starting on may 24th. (Shameless plug: read the Metro feature I did on 124 Street Grand Market here!)

    As for expectations of the evening, it's going to a fun lil' party. Ladies can expect tons of vintage dresses (we currently have over 100 dresses selected), shoes and boots, vintage jewlery and purses, slips and my jewelry line, Chaos and the Dark.

    We will be having cocktails as well, as we want a party twist on it. I think, to be honest, Sarah and I were so floored with the support we received with the last pop up that we just want to say thank you so much to all of those who supported us. We're not quite ready for a larger scale pop up yet, so we just thought we'd throw this little party. Summer is dress time in edmonton! Bike riding and picnics and the spray park and adventues in the river valley! So much magic happens in these few glorious months. And we wanted to make sure that our lady friends are all ready for it!

    Thanks for the info Jessica! I can't wait for Spring Fling and to check out all these dresses. I better start saving now...

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