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  1. My introduction to Swish

    Thursday, May 24, 2012

    Ever since moving to Edmonton, everyone I've met that has commented on my style has raved about Swish and told me to get there ASAP.

    Well today, I finally did. It's halfway between my house and my office (5 blocks either way), so there's really been no excuse. I wish I had pre-meditated my trip so I could have taken my camera for some photos. You'll just have to check out the Facebook page instead.

    Being as it's downtown near the city centre mall, I expected really high-end, minimalistic shop with little selection. But to my pleasant surprised, it's crammed full with goodies, from men and women's clothing, stockings, furniture, jewellery, hats, bags, books, sewing patterns.... I could go on!
    Being the budgeter that I am, I drooled over many of the regularly priced items (Ranging from $30 - $100+) and happily browsed the small clearance rack. I ended up picking up two dresses for $15 each.

    I was trepidatious about the first one I tried on because I'm not typically a fan of long dresses, but it won me over. I love love love the print!

    I already know the accessories for this: my orange wedges and my wicker bag; maybe my big floppy hat but I'm afraid that might take it more 70s than 40s. Now I just need to be in the tropics.

    This second one is a little heavier but will be great for work.

    Sorry for the cell phone photos, but I was texting Miss Bee to ask her opinion.

    Then I came home to relax. Since moving to the city G and I have had more opportunities to branch out a be busy, but it also means that sometimes we don't spend much time together outside of sleeping. So tonight we're having a date night and being our silly selves at home. And possibly plotting murder against the guy who has been blowing an air horn in the vicinity of our apartment for the last three hours.

    XO Laurie

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    1. Katrin said...

      What wonderful purchases! If you don´t want it to look 70s, I think you could style the first dress in a 30s way, with a small tilted hat and fingerwaves, maybe? Anyway, I think the fabric of this one is great.

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