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  1. How to survive summer with style

    Saturday, June 30, 2012

    Summer has finally hit Edmonton and it is getting up to 30 C (86 F) some days!  And along with summer comes late nights, festivals, camping and (if you're me) hangovers.

    This weekend is Canada Day (happy birthday ole gal!) and next weekend is my family's annual party, the Little Valley Jamboree. Combine the hot days and long nights with drinking, and you have a recipe for style disasters - or do you?

    Here's my tips for staying retro-stylish when its most difficult, or when you don't want to put a lot of effort in. I highly recommend you also check out the Lazy Girl's Guide on Retro Chick for more tips.

    The Canadian prairie provinces are known for their dry heat (which I prefer over humid) and rapidly changing weather. It's totally normal for it to be hot and sunny one moment then thunder storming the next.
    Being prepared for whatever the weather gods are going to throw at you is crucial, and when you're going somewhere like a festival, you want to pack light but cover all your bases.

    I recommend flats or sandals that are comfortable (in case of dancing/lots of walking/uneven terrain) and breathable (because no one likes stinky feet.) If the probability of rain is high, bring rubber boats as well.

    Working from the feet up, packing both separates and dresses are important. You can just toss on a dress in the morning and stumble out of your tent if there's somewhere you need to be, or you can only pack one skirt or one pair of pants and wear them for a full week.

    Wear something that's breathable, easy to wash and that layers well. It's nice to just toss on leggings or tights and a cardigan with your summer dress instead of having to do a whole wardrobe change. If you're going to be somewhere near water, obviously a cute bathing suit is a great style choice.

    My possible Jamboree wardrobe (so far):

    Accessories are also important. Bring a scarf to use as a coverup, a shawl and as a hair accessory. And what retro style guide would be complete without a big floppy straw hat?

    Protect your eyes from sun damage too! Sunglasses are great at hiding bags under your eyes or less than perfect makeup that's still on from the night before.

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    Hair and Makeup
    There is a fine line to walk between looking good and looking overdone, especially when it's hot out. The key is minimalism and using products that play double-duty.

    When it's really hot out and I know I'm going to be outside, I usually only two the first two steps of my foundation routine (normally a four-step program). I spot conceal, then use a tinted moisturizer with SPF to even out the rest of my complexion. I skip the powder because it will likely clump if I'm too hot, and there's no need for blush because I'll be rosy from heat/gin and tonic in a few hours anyway. Of course, I slather on extra sunscreen on the rest of my body too, along with mosquito spray.

    I keep my eye makeup pretty minimal too. Usually I use powder, then neutral eyeshadow and highlighter before getting into my eyeliner and mascara, but on really hot days - especially if I'm spending most of my time outside with sunglasses on - I'll just skip to the eyeliner and mascara. The waterproof stuff is also more sweat proof, so it should be your first choice.

    Hair is a little more complicated for the vintage-inclined. I never want to put my hair up in rollers - especially if I've spent the night drinking around the campfire - but I also have thick hair that won't hold curl for more than one day in a row, especially in the dry prairie heat. Instead, I fake it. Bobby pins and ponytail holders are your best friend for keeping your hair off your neck and still stylish.

    Today, for example, I just pulled my hair back, stuck bobby pins in and popped a flower overtop. Easy peasy and it still looks cute!

    I also love the snood look (although I don't know how mine will look with my hair short :/)

    And the "fake" eternity roll, created by using a headband the same colour as your hair and tucking in the hair into the band, is also a classic. Again, it doesn't work because my hair is too short and wispy in the back. Damn!

    Did I miss anything? What are your favourite ways to beat the heat and stay stylish?

    XO Laurie

  2. 6 comments:

    1. garofit said...

      Your hair is sooo pretty, and those sunglasses look fab!

    2. Kate said...

      The second set of sunglasses are crazy mental but absolutely brilliant! Kate x

    3. excellent post! I'm in St Louis where it was 103F yesterday! It's just awful :( Canadian weather sounds a lot like here, except we do have that humidity. I absolutely adore that brown and cream outfit, you look gorgeous!! x

    4. Fantastic post and summer outfit choices - I can't decide which I like more, the brown dress or that super cute (and entirely cheerful) yellow sweater. You look positively beautiful and totally ready to face whatever this unpredictable, sweltering season throws your way.

      ♥ Jessica

    5. Hello! I found you via the Fedora Lounge! :)

      Great post. I also like headscarves tied turban-style for very hot weather as they keep your scalp covered. Great for bad hair days too as you just have to arrange a few little bits in front, and the rest is covered!

    6. Another one popping in from the Fedora Lounge! Great post, love the summer wardrobe ideas and I agree with the other - those sunglasses are fabulous!

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