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  1. I love a good excuse to dress up, so when Krista Dee and her man Clayton came up from Calgary to visit Miss Bee, I tagged along with them to hit up some Edmonton antique malls and Whyte Ave vintage/repro stores. Afterwards Bee planned on having a wee little vintage cocktail party.

    I wore one of my favourite finds. I got this dress at Imagine Vintage in Camrose and have yet to wear it. It's a dress by an Edmonton-based designer (Trisha Pasnuk) and so it was priced a little higher than normal ($35? $40? I can't exactly remember) but I fell in love and since the zipper was broken, I got a bit of a deal on it.

    Turns out that Pasnuk dresses can retail for $250 or more. So, I win.

    Our kitchen has the best natural light in the house, so expect to see more photos of me posing by the sink, in front of the bathroom.

    I had strange hair going on.

    Love the print!

    So after getting all gussied up, hitting up an antique store (oh the lamps! G and I are going to go back soon) and then lunch at Famoso (nom) and one of the "vintage" stores on Whyte (I use the term loosely) I started feeling crappy - tired and sick to my stomach and just not in the shopping/partying mood, so I went home and vegged out for the rest of the night.

    I blame it in part that I was busy covering the University of Alberta HUB Mall shooting/armoured car robbery on Friday. On Fridays I am a lone duck in the newsroom, and when news like a inside-job-heist-triple-homicide-of-armoured-guards breaks, one tends to get overwhelmed. But I thought I kicked ass, especially when you think about the fact that other media outlets had a team of AT LEAST five people on it, where as it was just me. But yes, I felt a little drained after.

    In other news - Happy Fathers Day to my dad!

    I know everyone says their dad is the best, but mine really is. He's taught me so much, from how to drive to how to play guitar to how to work hard for something you're passionate about. I love staying up late with him, eating popcorn and watching old war movies or sitting around the campfire singing songs. I love you dad and miss you so much! I can't wait to come home for a long, over-due visit.

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    1. I don't think your hair looked strange at all! Love the dress, cute pattern... great steal. Very cute pic with your dad as well... (L)

    2. The print on that dress is fantastic and the colors look great on you.

    3. Tasha said...

      The dress looks fantastic, that is an amazing print!

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