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  1. House tour: Welcome to my bachelorette pad

    Saturday, September 1, 2012

    This post has been sitting in draft form - from my head to my Blogger dashboard - for quite some time.

    This summer, G and I have decided to move on from our three-year relationship. It's hard, it sucks but in the end we know it's for the best. He has moved closer to his new job and I have started to decorate what is now my bachelorette pad in downtown Edmonton. I think it will be easy to claim this space as mine as we lived here together for such a little time.

    The floor lamp was one we had from before that I got to keep (I traded the sound system for it) and the other tall lamp was a $28 score from the antique mall. I'm also really excited that I got to keep the credenza. The splitting up of our things was really amicable and grown up. I definitely feel like I got the bulk of the stuff (maybe G didn't feel like moving it :p)

    I found a beautiful teal and gold sectional on Kijiji and latched onto it as soon as I could. For the bulk of August it was sitting in pieces in the living room while our other (also giant) sectional took up the rest of the space. I'm glad it's all organized now.

    Garret's mom gave me her old sewing machine (I'm getting sewing night classes with my birthday money) and so I changed what was G's computer space into my crafting corner. I plan on painting the desktop another colour - maybe mint? Or gold? Who knows.

    The kitchen table and such you've already seen. I plan on ordering some funky fabric from Spoonflower and recovering the lampshade, as well as an old lamp for my bedroom. Here's some ideas, all designed by Charlotte from Tuppence Ha'Penny:

    My house is on a big pink/mint theme, with some red and gold thrown in. Kitchy!

    Now, onto the bedroom. It actually hasn't changed that much since I got to keep a lot of the furniture in here. Mainly, I just bought some purple sheets from Ikea.

    My closet probably had the biggest overhaul. Since I usually don't put a lot in my dresser in terms of clothes, I was able to utilize it for some blanket/off-season storage space. I used to have yarn in here, but that's moved to the craft corner. Now it feels so much bigger!

    Now, onto the kitchen and the bathroom. Again, these are rooms that don't have a lot of changes. Just some minor stuff, like moving things to lower shelves so I can actually reach them. :D

    Fun fact: I've had Audrey in the bathroom in every house I've lived in since high school.

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    1. Anonymous said...


      I'm sorry to hear about your life changes. Although they are always hard, it does get easier and better days will come. I LOVE your little bachelorette pad! I wish i had had your sense of style at 23. I'm past 43 and still don't have a look like that. Try to enjoy the rest of your summer.

      I really enjoy your blog! Wish i were closer than Maryland or i'd come to your vintage tea party!


    2. It's s nice to see you take all of this so well and make something positive out of it all. :)
      Fantastic space! I especially love the lamp and sectional. One day I will be lucky enough to find one on Kijiji... and have enough space for it too!

    3. Thank you for sharing your immensely charming abode with us, dear Laurie, it was a thorough treat to see so many beautiful pieces - big and small - that make you your deeply lovely, vintage filled world.

      Wishing you the very best for whatever this next chapter of your life holds in store for you.

      ♥ Jessica

    4. OK Laurie first of all, WHAT A KILLER COUCH!!!!! Your place looks absolutely fabulous. Second sorry to hear about you and G but that being said, when I started early in my first big girl job (aka career) and my college boyfriend and I went our separate ways(thank god) and I got my own apartment to myself (and later a house). While I was lonely in the beginning I look back upon that time with great fondness. I had so much fun then and was able to be so carefree. Enjoy your freedom and beautiful living space.

    5. Unknown said...

      Just discovered your blog,look forward to more.

    6. Erin Gross said...

      Great post, great blog. Very stylish and what could be more fun than your own Bachelorette pad! Enjoy the fun of decorating it as your own.

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