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  1. High tea and happy birthdays

    Monday, March 25, 2013

    I've had a fabulous weekend, and I hope you all have had one too.
    I went to go see Star Wars Identities with Ian, I finally finished my Datemaker cardigan (which will get its own post shortly), had a great dinner at Miss Bee's abode, fixed my borrowed vintage sewing machine AND will be getting a newer one and had a wonderful birthday tea to celebrate Jill, the proprietress of Adeline's Attic.

    I've been following Jill's blog for as long as I've been dressing vintage, and when I saw that she moved back to Edmonton I (being the vintage fangirl that I am) hoped that I would see her out and about on the town. I'm even more excited that we have become friends and that she invited me to celebrate her special day.

    The guest of honour

    Seven of us took in high tea at Rutherford House, the historic home of Alberta's first premier, Alexander Rutherford. It was my first time inside the house and having high tea, and it was such a lovely experience. I can't wait to go back. 

    In case you didn't know, March is still winter in Alberta but we all forewent the sensible footwear
    The usual suspects were in attendance, like Erin and Bailey:

    As well as some new faces, Charly and Nicole, whose photos I forgot to snap (but they're up there in the group shot) as well as Jill's lovely mother Linda.

    I also forgot to take some food photos because I was much too busy eating to take photos. Story of my life. In lieu, please accept this photo of us posing in front of a china cabinet.

    My outfit:
    Scallop dress: a re-buy from Krista Dee
    Shoes: Rowena
    Hat: borrowed from Bee
    I regret not snapping a better photo of my outfit, as it's only the second time I've worn the dress. It's a gorgeous scalloped dress with pearl buttons down the front. Krista Dee bought it for herself but it didn't fit, so I happily took it off her hands.

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    1. Bailey said...

      Fabulous post lady!

    2. Thanks again for coming and beautiful photos!!!

    3. Anonymous said...

      yellow shoes!!!! :)

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