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  1. Snowy science dates

    Sunday, March 24, 2013

    ....alternate title: More proof my boyfriend and I are huge dorks

    Last week Edmonton got a tonne of snow. 30cm (11 inches) worth, in fact. And Ian had one of those snow days off, so we decided to head to Star Wars Identities at the Telus World of Science to take in the exhibit before it left Edmonton.

    Despite never seeing Star Wars in its entirety (but I get all the references, don't worry), this was my second time going through the exhibit, as I got to go to the media preview. But it was much more fun the second time around, being with someone who loves the films and getting to take my time going through the exhibit.

    The exhibit just isn't a display of the movie costumes, but also a journey into what shapes our identities - through life events, genetics, up-bringing and the choices we make. You go in, choose a character and throughout the exhibit it asks you questions, revealing your Star Wars character at the end of the exhibit.

    Ian was Mon Calamari, while I was an Ewok (because I was wearing my fur collar and am tiny and squeak a lot).

    Ian took over 90 photos, but I'm only sharing a select few here.

    Can't you see the resemblance?!

    Jabba's eyes, which are practically the only remaining part of the puppet.

    After the exhibit - which took a good two hours to complete - we checked out the rest of the science centre. Ian had never been except on assignment, so it was fun to go with someone and goof off.

    My super power is wielding tornados.

    You're allowed lipstick in space, right?

    I'mma astronaut

    My main man Chris Hadfield.
    We also saw Rocky Mountain Express in Imax. If you love trains, Canadian history  and the beautiful scenery of British Columbia and Alberta, it's a must-see. We obviously didn't take any photos, so here's the trailer. It's screening world-wide.

    And thus our snowy science date! It was a very welcome reprieve from the stormy weather, until we had to drive back home in it. 

    XO Laurie

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    1. These are some epic photos! Fantastic!

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