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  1. Sewing Redux: Spring has Sprung!

    Sunday, May 11, 2014

    Today’s post is showing off my latest sewing project, the Simplicity 3688 blouse. You may recall the skirt from this set that I made a while back, and now here’s the blouse to match!

    The blouse is made out of some mystery bargain-bin fabric from Fabricland that is likely some polyester blend, as it actually melted when I was ironing the bias tape for the neckline. Luckily I had accidently cut two of the bias tape, so it didn’t set me back at all. Still, it is a good reminder to always check what setting your iron is on before you go to town.

    It's also very billowy, as you can see in these photos. I didn't realize it was so windy when we were out for our little photoshoot. I also didn't realize that the blouse was so sheer.... eep.

    My biggest struggle with this blouse was that I looked at the body measurements to pick the size to sew instead of noting the finished garment measurements. This particular blouse had 5 inches of ease, so I ended up taking in the seams quite a bit. Thankfully that was the only faffy part of the blouse: there’s no interfacing (well, there’s supposed to be but I skipped that step because it didn’t make sense; I think you were supposed to make your own shoulder pads, but I found the shoulders to be quite strong without, thank you very much), no buttonholes to make and no zippers to insert. A quick and easy project!

    The only real variation I did on this blouse was making a binding loop for the button out of some leftover fabric instead of the recommended thread loop.

    I just found the thread loop way too finicky to make, but my bias loop turned out great. And I just love the vintage button I found in my stash - it matches perfectly.

    Another annoyance but not a big deal is that I neglected to ease the sleeves at the same time, and instead eased and sewed in one then the other, which caused one sleeve to be puffier than the other (or so I think). Next time I will definitely ease them both at the same time so they match.

    I love this blouse and will definitely be making it again. It was a great redemption blouse after the finicky red peplum blouse I made this winter that nearly did me in.

    Next on my sewing table? My version of the Trashy Diva Daisy dress, but one that’s fall/winter appropriate using Butterick 5209. Stay tuned!

    Photos by IK Creative

  2. 6 comments:

    1. Helen Mae said...

      Looks great, what a beautiful colour!

    2. Anonymous said...

      You look so great in this outfit! Just like you walked out of a 1940's fashion magazine!

    3. Unknown said...

      Very nice! The color is very flattering.

    4. Beautiful photos and blouse. I adore that teal-emerald hue and must say it looks downright beguiling on you, dear Laurie.

      ♥ Jessica

      *PS* The Fabricland mention made me smile - so Canadian! :)

    5. Its gorgeous and suits you to an absolute T!

    6. Anonymous said...

      Wonderful top! The green is just lovely on you :) I'm so envious of your sewing skills and wish I had the patience and the technical skills to whip some wonderful vintage reproduction piece together. But since I cannot, I will live through lovely bloggers like yourself that share your creations with us. Thank you!

      Great Blog :)

      Liz-Vintage Inn

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