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  1. Finishing School: Dreaming

    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    One of my favorite vintage blogs is Lottie Loves, run by Brit-turned-California super-mom Lottie. One regular feature of her blog is Finishing School, where she alphabetically runs through goals and post challenges for her followers to complete. Since I'm late to the game, I am going to start posting backwards from the latest, starting with O and then try to catch up. She posts them one a month so if I'm on the ball I will catch up in no time!

    Your Challenge:
    This week I want you tell me about your dreams. Perhaps you’ve never voiced your dream before, perhaps you think it sounds ridiculous and unattainable. Perhaps you think a miracle is more likely to happen so what’s the point in even mentioning it.
    Tell ME. Leave a message in the comments section or write a blog post and link up with Mr Linky. What is your big dream? What do you dream about doing in five, ten, fifteen years time? In your widlest fantasies (keep it clean ladies!) what do you see yourself achieving? Do you long for a certain type of family life? Do you yearn to be running your own business? Do you wish to be a ballet dancer/pop star/zoo keeper? Do you want to look a certain way? Do you want to be a lawyer/brain surgeon/scientist? Do you dream of having a yoga fit slim, toned body? Are you healthy? In love?
    I want to know what you dram about. If you don’t have a dream then your challenge is to make some time for daydreaming this week and think about your dreams and hopes for the future.
    Another dream of mine is about to come true. My husband and I dreamed about living and working abroad for many, many years and always considered it to be impossible. Once I started dancing West Coast Swing I had wild fantasies of being able to live in the home of West Coast Swing and indulge my passion in the dance and become really good at it (as do many of my fellow dancers). I can not tell you have bloody amazing and much like a miracle it is that we are now moving to California. It was a dream, an honest, outrageous, unattainable dream.
    Dreams come true so get dreaming.

    It's funny that this is the next finishing school challenge because just last night, G and I were laying in bed talking about the future. We have lots of dreams - some that can be shared and others that will probably work better as secrets until we're farther along - and I know we're going to get there eventually. That's not to say that I'm shy about talking about my dreams, it's just that some things are better left to sit and ferment and grow before releasing into the wild. Is that cryptic enough for you?

    I want to travel. I want to spend time with my family and really get to know them. I want to buy some old, dilapidated mansion in the British countryside, the one where I dream about it and find beautiful, old clarinet sheet music and beautiful lace dresses (that one was a real sleeping dream). I don't want so much money that I turn crazy, but I don't want so little that I have to work so hard that life passes me by. I want to be spontaneous - even if it means planning spontaneity (baby steps!)  Most importantly I want to have fun and explore being me. I love dreaming and I love life; it's only going to get better.

    I can still sleep through anthing.
    xx Laurie

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