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  1. What to Wear: Passport stress

    Tuesday, July 5, 2011

    As you may be able to tell by the title, I've gone under a little holiday planning stress - and the planning has barely started. G & I are heading to the Big Apple in August to celebrate our birthdays (I'll be barely 21, thank goodness our time off at work jived with my youth and those silly American drinking laws), which means we have a bit of planning to do.
    The first thing to get done was our passports. I have been done mine for a while - except for a mix-up at the passport office because apparently the gov't considers G to be my relative *huff* - but in typical fashion G left his for the last minute. We were only half an hour late leaving for Edmononton and were able to be in and out of the passport office before my one-hour parking expired. We were down to the minute and of course G had to say some cheeky thing like we had plenty of time, yadda yadda yadda. Thank goodness for happy endings, but I dread the inevitable panic I'll feel at the airport when we leave.

    Anyway, if everything goes to plan and the gov't manages to spell my name right, I should have my passport in two weeks *fingers and toes crossed*.

    So here's what I wore for my half-day at work and stressful, whirlwind day in Edmonton, featuring my other new wrap-skirt from my weekend shopping trip.
    Top: Jean Warehouse | Skirt: Decadence Vintage
    My hair wasn't great since I was feeling sick to my stomach last night and ended up falling asleep in the evening in a variety of places in my house and felt too ill to do my nightly routine. Instead I showered in the morning and did a set of hot rollers, which turned out okay but never as great as I hope. However, I did pull it into something that really meshed with the 60s vibe I've been feeling (I've felt very Mad Men-ish lately).
    Am I really that strange looking?
    Any tips on beating the vacation stress? Don't just tell me to be uber-organized because anything else is NOT an option. I'm the Queen of Organization. :D

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    1. Mary Leong said...

      When are you going to New York?! I'm there Aug 23-30.

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