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  1. Oh, hai guys. Remember me? Sorry for my absence, I was pulled under with work and other random business. Also, I was lacking in motivation (!) which was a reason for me to pull away. I'd rather blog somewhat half-assed than not at all, but that's just the way it went.

    In summary: my cousin's wedding was a blast (Also, I did wear the green dress to the wedding. I didn't take any photos, but hopefully someone did!), work has been busy and I had a great Canada Day weekend working, shopping with Nicole (who scolded me for not blogging!) and hanging out with the boyfriend and his crazy gang of friends. One said to me that I was getting more and more retro everytime he sees me, which I took as a compliment.

    Here's one of the goodies I picked up on my shopping trip with Nicole.

    Took my photos before I remembered lipstick. Oops.
     It's a handmade wrap skirt, made out of some-sort of thick, heavy fabric (I'm useless with guessing stuff like this). Also, it's bright orange and hand-embroidered. Amazing!

    I also forgot to put on shoes and tuck away the dirty laundry before photos.
    Must be Monday.
    Look at that detailing!

    I also have two new vintage bags hanging off my arms, both gifts.
    The camera bag was a yard-sale find from my co-worker (thanks Dan!) and the purse a gift from my mom that she found when cleaning out a relative's apartment after she passed on.

    That's all for now. I have an exciting announcement, so stay tuned.

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    1. Lina Sofia said...

      love that skirt! Love the embroidery and the pockets! It's such a timeless style, but with details that make it look very retro. Your hair looks great too!

    2. I agree with Lina Sofia that embroidery really makes the skirt. Cute

    3. Moxie Tonic said...

      What a find: that skirt is gorgeous!

    4. Kerry said...

      What a great skirt! And as you can probably tell from my blog name, I'm definitely a fan of orange.

      That camera bag has really stolen my heart though. I will forever be looking for one just like it now!

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