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  1. Show 'n' Tell: pre-new job shopping

    Friday, March 2, 2012

    I must confess that I spent a wee bit of money today at my favourite store Imagine Vintage, but I just had to! I'm leaving soon and I won't be able to pop in whenever I feel like it. :( That said, I am sure Bee and I will road trip to Camrose once in a while to go shopping a visit Peggy.

     I love this floral raw silk housedress. I'm not a huge fan of buttons running all the way done, but in this it works!

    I also fell in love with this 60s dress - it so springy! It fit like a dream too, which is always comforting in a back-zip dress.

    I also got this embroidered skirt. I'm not sure what year it is (there is a care label inside though) but it was made in India. I love embroidered skirts for summer.

    I also bought these darling red gloves to wear once it warms up outside - they're a little thin to be wearing quite yet. Bee gave me a white trench coat so I think bright red gloves will go great.

    I also got two 50s necklaces. Surprise, they're teal!

    Peggy also gave me these two Better Home and Gardens from 1957 and 1946 as a going-away present. She is too sweet! They are in such great condition and I can't wait to scan and share them with you.

    Issue from 1957 on the left, 1946 on the right.

    From 1957. Do I even need to say how badly I want a washer that colour?

    From 1947  - I love the little vanity.

    Then after visiting Imagine I stopped by Twig. Nothing really caught my eye except for the slips (I sear, it's the only place in Camrose I've been able to find them) and this necklace, which doubles as a watch and a magnifying glass. The only thing is that once I got home I found that I couldn't change the time on it :/ so I am going to find out if I'm even supposed to be able to or not. It ticks, so I don't see why it would be designed not to.

    A few days ago I happened to be in the mall and I swung by Ardenes to pick up some new sunglasses. I love getting sunglasses there because they are cheap yet sturdy knock-offs (I am really good at breaking and losing sunglasses, so I never buy the real things). I remember lusting after the Prada Irregular Frame sunglasses after seeing a gorgeous back-page ad in a magazine. Of course, the Prada ones are probably a bajillion dollars, where these were 2 for $15.

    Prada ones

    I also got these tortoise shell sunglasses, which are pretty similar to the Michael Kor sunnies Vicki shows off here.

    Oh, I almost forgot - I bought a snood from Arthelia's Attic on Etsy and I love it!

    So long story short, i'm off to see if there is any money left in the bank.

    XO Laurie 

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    1. Katrin said...

      Cute purchases, the clock is especially wonderful :) Have you tried to lift the little wheel around the opening mechanism of it? If it works like the ones I own you should be able to lift it a bit so that it makes a clicking sound and then you can turn it to change the time.

    2. So I must have left my brain behind at one of the stores I was at yesterday because all you need to do to change the time is pull out the knob! Duh...

    3. I have to say I am a bit fan of Arthelias Attic snoods. Yours looks adorable.

    4. yarnsalad said...

      That's quite a haul, Laurie! I love the embroidered skirt.

    5. Black Dahlia said...

      Wow, lots of amazing new things Laurie. ;0 And, great photos by the way!

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