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  1. Retro styles from Sears

    Monday, April 30, 2012

    I never thought I would be waxing poetic about Sears, but I can not believe their fabulous vintage-inspired styles - at very reasonable prices - on their website. I will be dropping by my local store tomorrow to browse, me thinks.

    *note: this is not a sponsored post! I was just surprised to see so many things I liked at Sears.*

    Foundation Garments
    I have learnt, from the ever wise RuebyRetro, Krista Dee and Miss Bee, that Sears is a great place to find old-school underwear, bras and girdles.

    Warner's® Medium Control Brief, $10
    Vanity Fair® Value Medium Control 2-Pack Full Cut Leg Brief, $15

    Playtex® 18 Hour® Wire-free Soft-cup Full-support Comfort Strap® Bra, $18.98
    Vanity Fair®/MD 3/4-length Long-line Posture Bra - $30
    You may remember my previous swimsuit post. I can't believe I overlooked Sears when I was making it!
    I will be buying this Esther Williams look-a-like ASAP.

    St. Tropez 1-piece Swimsuit, $30
    Mind you, these are pretty adorable too...

    Jantzen® 1-pc. Bandeau Suit - $66
    Well, these ones are a little pricy for me, but still super cute!

    Jantzen® 1-pc. Bandeau Skirted Suit - $111.99
    Jantzen® 1-pc. Skirted Suit - $93.99
    This is really the only pair of Sears shoes that I liked. I am mad for loafers lately!

    I Love Comfort®/MD Women's Leather Casual Loafers - $40
    Dresses & Skirts
    Tradition®/MD Solid Colour Shirtdress- $30

    ATTITUDE®/MD JAY MANUEL Ponte Pencil Skirt - $34.94

    XO Laurie

  2. 3 comments:

    1. Wonderful roundup of items from Sears. It's great that so many of their styles are online, as not all of up (*shoots hand up in the air*) live in a town with a Sears (which is a bit funny, because I used to live within walking distance of one until a couple of months ago).

      I've been wearing longline bras as my main style of bra now for well over a year. I find them to be worlds more comfortable than most other bras styles, and adore the instant vintage style bust appearance they create.

      Wishing you a fabulous Friday & weekend,
      ♥ Jessica

    2. Great finds. I love both those red bathing suits! The buttons on that pencil skirt are such a nice detail. Another unexpected place for vintage styles at affordable prices: JC Penney. They have a number of great shirtdresses and pencil skirts for under $30.

    3. Black Dahlia said...

      Hi Laurie! Great post. I can speak to the Warners briefs as I've been buying them for years. All kinds of colours avilable and such a great fit! You can also get them at the Bay, Zellers, Wal-mart, etc. Love the swimsuits you've posted. I may have to take a trip to Sears!

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