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  1. Style Icons: Twin Peaks

    Saturday, April 7, 2012

    Yes, we're on the Twin Peaks bandwagon here at RR headquarters. We have about 7 episodes until we're done the series (no!) and I just love the style going on. In fact, at the antique show in Olds when Bee and I met up with Cee & Krista, some vendor told us we looked like we were from Twin Peaks. I'll take that as a compliment.

    All of the photos in this post are from In Twin Peaks - absolutely THE BEST screen cap website I have ever been on. I've tried not to include any photos that may have spoilers, in case you too are experiencing Twin Peaks for the first time.

    I must say, Audrey Horn is my favourite character. And Cooper! And they're both so stylish.

    My favourite A&C scene. Love the flannel and her whole outfit.
    I want her wardrobe.

    Garters on men are not AS sexy as on women, but still. Humminah humminah 

    Great coat!
    Love her waves, very subtle.

    The outfit that goes with the above hair photo. Peplum! 

    Cute shoes!

    Civil War re-enactment

    I love the R&R diner uniforms too

    Love Nadine's shorts

    I bought a very similar-styled rust coloured dress this weekend. Stay tuned for photos...

    Great hat!

    Donna also has great hair. Love the blue sweater too.

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    1. Charles said...

      Like retro/vintage? Please checkout my site at Thx.

    2. Dakota said...

      Ha, yes!! I love David Lynch; his films have such a great aesthetic. Audrey Horne is my sartorial role model when I'm getting dressed for class :)

    3. Anonymous said...

      Psst..there's a Leibster Award with your name on it over at my blog.

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