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  1. Knitting sweaters in the spring

    Saturday, May 19, 2012

    Ooowee, its been a while since I've posted about my knitting. Between the new job, the move and being back in a city where there's just so much to do I've been neglectful in this blog.
    One of those 'things to do' that I have discovered is a knitting group that meets at the Steeps teahouse on Whyte Ave. It's a very quick train ride and walk for me to go over there, and I always look forward to my Tuesday nights. I love knitting circles - even though I'm quiet around new people, I find knitting groups to be a great resource. We range in skill sets, so everyone can teach someone something!

    Since moving I have finished two projects and embarked on a third. The first project that I completed was my first sweater - well, a 1930s bed jacket to be precise! I started it April 14 (while watching Titanic - it was a good progress tracker) and finished it last week. The pattern can be found on Black Dahlia's blog here

    (These photos kind of suck, I haven't figured out the white balance in our new place yet.)

    It's a super easy first garment, as you just knit up a big rectangle before folding it and stitching it up halfway. It's not as long in the back as it's supposed to be (I ran out of yarn and patience, because all you do is rib for 26 inches or so, it's a little repetitive) but it's cozy and slouchy. It now resides in my office to ward off the chills.

    After that long and easy but a bit repetitive project, I challenged myself with the Elvish Leaves Dishcloth.

    I knit it in four hours on Mothers Day, sitting in the sun by the Legislature - a beauty of a day but I ended up with a nasty burn. The project includes lots of k2tog, yo and slip-knit-psso, but it's small enough that you don't get too confused. Plus, it's a dishcloth - no one will really notice if you screw up.

    And now, I am embarking on the one, the only, three-hour sweater. I'm not too far into it yet, just swatching the hell out of it. I bought the KnitPicks Harmony Wood interchangeable needles (on sale for $75!) and 5 oz of Shine Worsted Yarn - a blend of cotton and beech wood fibre - in a bright yellow called dandelion.

    I love the colour, and it's so comfy. But because it's cotton and not yarn, I went down  a needle size because it might stretch and not retain its shape, plus, I've heard that the 3-hour-sweater knits large anyway. So, I'm experimenting with needle size and just need to knit one more swatch and wash and dry them so I can do some knitting math. It's so much work before the work, but it will be worth it if it comes out the right size in the end :)

    Seen here: my 3/4 swatches, my needles, my pattern and a sheet with my measurements and the math. Phewf!

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    1. Rowena D said...

      Good luck with your three hour sweater. I'm really interested to see how it works out as it's something I tried to knit but got half way through and ran out of attention span. Hopefully you will inspire me to pick up the needles again, plus this spring is so cold here in England I think I need more sweaters.

    2. JacquiG said...

      I go to a knitting group on Tuesdays as well, and I love it. Such a great group of women!!

      I like your bed jacket, I'll have to look at that pattern. And the dishcloth is a really pretty design.

      My son and DIL bought me the same set of interchangeable needles for Christmas. I'll be interested to find out how that 3-hour sweater works out for you. I've thought about making it myself but I the pattern doesn't have the larger size that I need. Can't wait to see how it turns out for you.

    3. Deb said...

      Swatches take forever, but you'll be so glad you did. Gorgeous work, all of it! I so miss knitting with you.

    4. Black Dahlia said...

      Well done Laurie! The bed sweater looks amazing! I only wish I was a better knitter. 100s of patterns still to be posted to my blog. Up next, a sweet cherry sweater!

    5. Anonymous said...

      "I haven't figured out the white balance in our new place yet" – Yeah, there are just so many things in life that you have to keep in balance all the time :)
      Your blog is really, really nice, by the way...!

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