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  1. As summer is right around the corner (or so I hope!), I am once again asking myself the age-old-question: should I cut my hair for the summer? As someone who used to have short hair all year round I am not used to the hassle of long hair (Yes, I consider my hair long).

    I've been collecting photos on Pinterest of cute vinage short hairstyles. While I don't think I would get anything shorter than my ears cut off, it is nice to look at all the possibilities. 

    (By the way, if you are a vintage lover and haven't yet discovered Chronically Vintage's Pinterest, you need to remedy that immediately. It is AH-MAZING. There's not even words to describe how wonderful it is, you just need to see it for yourself. Every vintage photo imaginable is on there, I'm sure). 

    These are all from my Pinterest so they can all be linked back to the original source. 

    So the first one isn't short, but it is a hair move I'm considering. While I don't know if I'd go for Candice deVille's blonde streak (I don't want to do the whole bleach thing) maybe I could pull off a red.

    I've already waxed poetic about Audrey Horne in the past, but here she is again!

    Or maybe I should add some bangs?

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    Ashley of Lisa Freemont Street did some great tutorials when she had a shortish bob.

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    Then there's really short like Audrey.

    Source: via Laurie on Pinterest

    There's also this classic 1950s style.

    Well, what do you think? Should I go for the cut or keep it long? I plan on experimenting with my hair for the next little while and posting my results - success or fail!

    XO Laurie

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    1. I vote for the Audrey Horne. From there you could always add bangs or go to the Audrey Hepburn.

    2. Oh my goodness, Laurie, awwww, you have me blushing over here as red as a 1950s Revlon lipstick. Thank you so incredibly much for your praise of my Pinterest boards, I really can't begin to tell you how much that means to me.

      ♥ Jessica

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