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  1. Ahoy-hoy! Today was my third full day of being unemployed, and what a wonderful day it was. Seriously, losing my job has given me some great opportunities to do things I really enjoy while re-evaluating what I want to do career-wise. I did some job hunting today (and sent a resume off for my dream job yesterday) but so far there isn't much of anything that is pulling me in, except for the one thing I already applied for. The last thing I want to do is push myself into a job that is just a job and not a passion, so I really want to take things slow for the next little bit. Like today. If only I could get paid to be home, cooking and cleaning!

    Today, I washed our FILTHY windows as part of my 20-minute cleaning plan.

    Then I did some dishes.

    And hung out with these guys.

    Made some pulled pork for supper.

    And cut out a new dress!

    Oh, I forgot to mention something. Do you remember last August when gravity decided to not apply to me and I randomly fell down in a parking lot, resulting in this?

    Well, it happened again, only I slipped on some ice Tuesday while walking to knitting. Same damn leg too! Luckily I still have some ointment left over from last time I took a tumble.

    I won't show you a photo of what it looks like now because the ointment makes it look worse before it looks better.

    XO Laurie

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    1. Ohhhh, Laurie, I'm really sorry you got injured again. I've had gravity magically seem to vanish into thin air a few times before on me, too (the worst of which resulted in a broken left foot). I really hope you're wound feels better soon.

      Thanks for sharing your day with us - one really needs a little serene, low key time like this between jobs.

      ♥ Jessica

    2. Linda Hoang said...

      Love that you're getting a chance to re-evaluate life and career choices. Enjoy your days off and the extra clarity Laurie :)

    3. Ahh nooohhh please take care of yourself lady, hahaha.... you seem to be as clumpsy as I am. I have the remarkable talent to fall when going upwards on stairs.... yes, upwards -_- good luck on the job hunting :)

    4. Anonymous said...


      I am Colleen from Blush Vintage Rentals in Calgary. I just wanted to say I love following what your up to!


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