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  1. Finishing School: H2O

    Friday, April 29, 2011

    One of my favorite vintage blogs is Lottie Loves, run by Brit-turned-California super-mom Lottie. One regular feature of her blog is Finishing School, where she alphabetically runs through goals and post challenges for her followers to complete. Since I'm late to the game, I am going to start posting backwards from the latest, starting with O and then try to catch up. She posts them one a month so if I'm on the ball I will catch up in no time!

    Your Challenge:
    This is not a hard challenge but may require some thought to take action.
    Drink three small bottles of water, at least, a day. Carry a bottle around with you and take regular drinks from it regardless of feeling thirsty.
    Do this for a week and I can guarantee that you will feel an improvement in your concentration levels, energy and skin.
    This in turn impacts on how you feel about the way you look, how you act, how you actually look and how confident and comfortable you feel. Yes, seriously, water helps all of these things so don’t under estimate its importance.
    So, do you drink enough water?  Let me know how you get on with this challenge.

    I lucked out, since I think O is the easiest one! I try to drink as much water as I can, as I know how important it is to keep hydrated. I get really cranky as well, so it's better for everyone when my fluid levels are up.
    I'm on my second bottle of water today already (at 11 am) and it's nearly done. When there's water (or anything) in front of me I will just mindlessly drink. I can't count the number of times I've brought an empty mug or bottle to my lips repeatedly even though I know there's nothing in it. It's basically a matter of getting off my butt and filling the bottle again.
    Blue bubbly water bottle by Contigo. Gifted

    I really love this bottle that my mother gave me for Christmas because I don't slop all over myself (as much) because you need to press a button in order for the valve to open and it automatically closes as well. So no more slopping or accidentally spilling it all over myself.
    Even today I feel better, refreshed and awake, and I'm sure my concentration will improve as soon as I relieve myself (TMI, but it is one downfall of drinking a lot of water).

    The next Finishing School challenge is Posture - great timing as I had fantastic session with a massage therapist where we talked about computer-related posture issues.

    Until then,

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    1. I used to be such as good water drinker but I have to admit I have fallen off the wagon for the last year. I take my water bottle with me to work and I come home with almost the same amount of water. Thanks for the post and the reminder that I really need to start hitting the bottle again.

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