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  1. What to wear - Day off with an old set

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Today is my day off. Since my editor and I are the only ones that work on the editorial side of the paper, we have a different schedule than most people. Over 14 days we both get 4 days off, but we can't take them at the same time.
    I work the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun) so I get Thursday off. Vince worked last weekend, so he gets to work Thursday and gets Friday, Saturday Sunday off. Then we switch. It's a good system, I think.

    Anyway, I have a pretty laid back agenda today: Massage, fix up the ole bike (she's spent the last 4 months under a pile of snow, so I may have to look into getting some rust off!) and do some laundry. So I'm wearing this old wrap skit (that I have to pin and wear tights with, because that Alberta winds love to show off what's under the skirt), a new simple teal tee from H&M and some straw saddle shows from a local vintage shop, circa 1980s.

    Top: H&M |Skirt: shop from back home, it's super old | Tights: Joe Fresh | Shoes: Imagine Vintage in Camrose
    Last night was beer night - more on that later, right now it's a secret - so I was too tired to shower and set my hair. Instead I thought 'It's super curly today, it should be fine today.' Wrong! I keep on forgetting that my hair is thick and fine and won't hold a curl after I've slept on it.

    But I was certainly too lazy to set it all this morning, so instead I did my usual hair fix - rolls, pin up the sides and leave the back as it. The back was pretty straight, so I used my new flower clips to distract.
    Messy bed and you can see my pjs. My apologies! 
    Flower clips (pair): H&M
    Sorry that these are all cell phone photos, but my DSLR is too unwieldy to use for these. Plus, I can upload them to Picasa right from my phone. Win for the lazy! (But then I can't really edit them, boo). 

    More later, off to my appointment in a bit. 

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